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wow shows how long i've been away.... i forgot how to make a topic....

well anyway point being, i've been busy and haven't visited this site in a few months. My favourite site friend, thingy, or whatever you wanna call them was 'Laurelindhe ilmarin ' has anyone talked to, or heard of her, recently?

i feel kinda bad for neglecting her for so long i wouldn't mind chatting with her for a little bit, so if if you know how i can contact her, or talk to her it'd be nice. hopefully i remember to check out the replies in a few days, instead of a few months. and in case i forget.... read you pm Laurelindhe ilmarin and i'll give you my email, even though i neglect that almost as much!
Hi T’rin, Good to see you here on the site. Laurel peeked her head in here not too long ago, so I'm sure she'll be back to check her messages if you leave her one. She is great...I miss her too Sad Smilie.
I'm new here but I think I've seen your friend somewhere, so don't worry she'll be back soon, I think.