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The reason i've been away so long is my grandmother is dying, and i've been attempting to settle a very serious family dispute surrounding her care. So you can imagine how much I really want to be spending time dealing with this right now. But back I am and If i'm not in the best of moods or I seem a little harsh at least you all know why.

Sorry about the shouting!
Poor Grep! (and I mean that sincerely). I am sorry that you've had to come back to this kind of a mess. I would not have posted in that other thread if I had known what was going on. I can completely sympathize with you. My mom is not doing so well either. Having lost my dad only 2 years ago, I can honestly say I know what you're going through. Please take some comfort in the thought that you have many friends here who will stick with you no matter what happens. Right everyone?
Thanks G-O, I know how you feel we lost my Dad's father in 1997 later that year Dad was diagnosed with cancer at the same time Mum's Mother suffered a double pulmonery embalism Mum's dad died in 1999, Dad passed in 2003, Dads Mum in 2005 and now Grandma - all suffering long illness so as you can imagine Mum (and the rest of us) are having a very tough time with all of this.
I'm so sorry that all of this is on your head at the same time. I know I shouldn't bring this up, but I think at this point it is appropriate to say you and yours are in my thoughts and prayers.
I feel deep sympathy for both of you ...and that the day soon will come to make you smile and bring sunshine back again..