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Since I took over the site my policy on banning people has been: No banning, I don't really believe it's an effective way to treat people - it's rather like these Anti Social Behavior Orders (ASBO) that we have in the UK which we use to prevent four year old's from throwing toys at social workers cars and banning 10 year old's from saying the word 'grass'. It's unhelpful and fails completely to deal with the root problem. However if there is extremely strong feeling in the council (which i've never seen happen before this LOA business) that an individual should be banned and there is a majority vote from the council then and only then will I ban some one.

Council members word is the law, if you have a problem with something a council member has told you then sort it out with the CM concerned in private. Trying to make an end run around a CM by invoking me is unlikely to win you any friends or help your cause any.
Should also say, feel free to comment on the rules if you feel they're in any way unfair - this is a democracy!
Grep, this is a kind general policy. But works of kindness sometimes go awry and fail of their purpose. Perhaps in this particular case you might make an exception?
It's a very enlightened policy, IMHO, and I haven't seen any justification for deviating from it. Though I'm not a CM, and don't think I've seen all the posts in question. I don't think I can have, given the level of outcry. Meanwhile, I have confidence in the Councils discretion, particularly given the reluctance of Grep to act in its absence. I don't expect them to act precipitously, don't think they will and would disappointed if they did.
awwww, wot if i dont wanna be banned?

EDIT and rereadinng the first post, wots LOA?
it might b an acronym for a name Lord of all
but i thought he left?
and y would he be banned? i think im totally missing something
it probably stands for some random thread
or something
i wonder if this gets CM edited cuz i gave it away
but if I figured it out couldnt everyone>?
so unless your suposed to figure it out mayb it should b changed
ahhh, im freackin insane....
Yep, you're insane. You're correct though Lord of All has become the issue this thread should fill you in
An issue of unfair prejudice? Yeah I will go along with that...
Will you ever stop whining?
Apparantly not! To quote Amarie "what have we done to deserve this"

But it did bring up the whole issue of banning people and I wanted to make the policy clear.
Will I ever stop whinning? A good question. The only answer i can give is that i will, when Council members play fair.
you know what 'Lord of All', i now know why people don't reply to your posts, its because you question the very rules that enable us to be a happy family website, besides, respect should be given to the CM's as they agreed not to ban, consider yourself lucky boy, dont go dragging the CM's reputation down the plug hole, they are fair and just, you either respect them or you wont have any respect from the rest of us who do respect them
I think the CMs are reasonable and helpfull to all kind of questions and Im a bit suprised about your behaviour Lord of All.Ive been a member at PT in a year now and Ive never seen or heard such complains from a newbie before...I also have different oppinions about topics/threads but I respect the CMs dissicions when its made.If you feel so strongly against it, my advice to you is: Start listening and respect the rules
Move along now! Nothing to see...

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