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I am a bit confused. As far as I knew someone called grep owned the site. However from other posts it appears that a member called Taz might be in charge (there was another member who also seemed to have authority over Council members but I forgot the name).
I am a little confused on the hierarchy. Can anybody clarify?
Well Morgoth is now gone and Sauron rules Tongue Smilie Just kidding Wink Smilie

Taz was the former owner and Grep is the current.
What about the guy called Tarrant? Did/does he have any authority over council members (I am trying to locate the member apart from Taz that seems to have extra authrity - I am not sure but I think it may have been Tarrant)?
Tarrant = Taz.
Lord of All , You also find it under: How was PT started ..the story I meanSmile Smilie
Grep is da Boss. Council Members are Council Members. You may be thinking of Rednell, perhaps?
Yeah thats the one. Rednell. Is he a council member or something higher?
Perhaps you could quickly do a hierchy thing like this:

Council members

If thats how it goes.
Yes, she is a Council Member. The hierarchy goes....

Council Members

If you don't mind my asking-the Council members,
were they elected and based upon what?
Or did Illuvatar just send someone from on high with the news?
Smile Smilie
Il’vatar. (When there is a need for a new council nember, the existing council members confer on a new candidate from the active forum membership; if there is a consensus with no strong objection, Grep the owner invites them to join the council.)