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My friends bought me a ipod nano for my birthday...
I dont know how to use it!!
Any help?
How about reading the manual.
I dont know polish!!
Or japanese!! Big Smile Smilie
Learn Polish and then read the Manual.
Download a manual in the appropriate langague from Apple's website.
Hail to virumor the lord of knowledge!!
They have these at the website????
Ill go right now!!!
I thank thee!!
You could also FGI.
Are you the only person with an i-pod in your area??? Just ask someone else who has got one... Plus, I don't think anyone is going to take this thread seriously, hence Vir's first post...
Mine was an earnest effort to help somebody out. As always.
How modest of you Orc Smiling Smilie
Yeah but I like LOA's comment better... "Learn Polish & then read the Polish manual" LMAO!! That's definitely something I'd say in real life. Wink Smilie
Play nice, children. Making fun of people and congratulating eachother afterwards... you should be ashamed of yourself. At least Vir offered some good advise.
Oh Amarie! How could you indulge in Vir like this?
He's just as naughty as the rest of the bunch.
I know, but he is just so darn-diddeli-darned good at it!
Cheesy why are you bumping old threads with one word posts? It pushes the active one's out of the left list
I hate to seem critical Cheesey, but to be honest with you the quality of many of your posts are quite lacking in substance and are generally just childish dribble, I tried joining in in the KDI rpg but your following post was so bad I deleted my posts because it almost seemed you were mocking me.
I've been a member of this website for nearly 10 years and I'd like to see it's content continue to be of the highest quality.
Please understand that I don't intend to upset you, but hope you take this as constructive criticism.

Carlos Ward
Vir dear, as always, the silver tongued charmer.
Arath, did you try google? When I cannot figure out how to use a product such as that I copy out the name of it on google, all companies seem to have a site and it tells usually how to use the product and other things such as trouble shooting if one is having problems . Cloveress, I miss, miss,miss you.