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The world is in such bad condition. Global Warming, Massive storms, thirsting droughts, huge earthquakes,giant tsunamies, nasty inlation, large scale shortages, famine, Sea-Level rise, Co2 and No2 and Co and a weakening ozone layer, and if mount Fuji explodes, Japan is a gonna. There is a massive, MASSIVE superupion will happen in the united states, Ice Age if Gobal Warming goes to far Europe will be in an Ice Age and then iftheir is no more Co2 getting released in th Atmosphere after it reaches 800 parts per million(we have now 500parts per million), and mass-Extintion of Animals.What next??
By the way, a supereruption is an eruption large enoghto throw so much gas, dust and sh in the air that it will blot up the sun and create an Ice Age(these eruptionsare about......1,000 times bigger than krakatau. Pretty big isn't it? And sorry people who live in the USA but the nxt supereruptionis happening in the United States of America. Not nice is it?
Wow, Glorfindel. Yes, it does all seem pretty overwhelming. I could say that as long as there are some of us who care and do their part to better the world around them, that the severity of these things you mentioned would be less. I could say that if you keep a positive outlook and keep your faith in the good nature of humanity alive and well, that things would not seem so doomed. I could also say that one person making an effort can truly make a difference, and that multiplying that one person's effort by how ever many people make the choice to give that effort could really move mountains. Seriously, the only truthful thing I can say is that by you being concerned by the state of our world, you may be inspired to inspire the world. Does that make sense? It really, honestly takes one person with enough courage and a strong enough will to inspire others to find the strength and resolve in themselves to make a lasting change. There have been many countless examples in history of one person's ability to effect the entire consciousness and lives of those around him/her, so that their actions change the world. If the state of our earth truly bothers you as much as it sounds like it does, maybe it is time to go on a spiritual journey to look within yourself, to see where you fit into the big picture and how you can best do your part. Read Sam's speeches to Frodo in TTT and ROTK again, where he talks about why you should never give up and why we fight. Then look at yourself long and hard in the mirror and find the flame within yourself that could ignite the world. Smile Smilie
Now that was a truly lovely post, Lady L.

I'd like to keep this thread just like this, with an air of optimism and positivity. No hysteria, no placing of blame, no fear, no panic... no need for me to worry about this thread turning political... A small Lothlorien. Would be nice.
This is a serious problem..
What can a one man do?
It seems like the world leaders are in denial of these things.
They seem to do nothing...
A small Lothlorien. Would be nice.

That's exactly how it should not be. L’thlorien was just an illusion, a chimera conjured up by a pale enchantress and her misled minions. Instead of facing the world, they locked themselves away.

No wonder the lady of the woods eventually started dreaming of more than ruling a small empire consisting of dwindling forest people.
I know it's just an illusion, but it is MY illusion. Leave it alone. Wink Smilie
Vir... You should not call the lady of the woods a "a pale enchantress"
Thats harshly said..
They did lock themselves inside their forest this is true. But they had lived a loong time in middle-earth and they should be excused if they wanted a little rest...
Well, I agree. The Elves of Middle-Earth wonder around, find a place to live in then lock themseles up. Wiggle Smilie
They dont always lock themselves up! Sometimes they hide Big Smile Smilie
Of course they hide, but you can see the ones living in Iceland if you believe in them, provided the alcohol level in your blood is high enough.
Well then, both lock and hide themselves.I found something in The Book of Lost Tales Part 2 Chapter VI history of Eriol or Aelfwine Pages 287-288 there is a sort of message that I thought Tolkien would never write .

Behold, I stole by evening from the ruined heath, and my way fled winding down the valley of the Brook of Glass, but the setting of the sun was blackened by the reek of fires and the water of the stream were fouled with the war of men and the grime of strife. Then my heart was bitter to see the bones of good earth laid bare with winds where the destroying hands of men had torn heather and fern and burnt them to make a sacrifice to Melkor and to lust to ruin, and the thronging places of the bees that all day hummed among the wins and the whortlebrushes long ago bearing rich honey down to Tavrobel-these were now fosses and mounds of stark earth.

Now the Sun had died and behold, I come to this most magic where once ageless oaks stood firm among the later growths of beech and lender trees of birch, but all fallen beneath the ruthless axes of unthinking men.

So I think that was a bit of an environmental message, I guess, what do you think about it? Big Smile Smilie I think it's jut a brief reminder about our polluting and damaging of the environment bu I guess that's just my point of view.Smile Smilie
Tolkien, along with his friend Lewis, (and I'm sure some of their other friends), were environmentalists long before we had a label for such things.

I'm curious, what made you think that tolkien would not have written that kind of message? I can only assume that something else you knew about him made you think he was somehow non- (or even anti-) environmentalist.
I just thought he was that sort of neutral person and that I didn't't know Tolkien and his friend Lewis were environmentalists. Thanks for letting me know. Big Smile Smilie
We are not Elves. And the Age of Men is not yet over. Maybe I'm just too full of the fire of youth or whatever they call it, but I smell a change hovering in the air. It's coming, because little by little the malices and corruption of the world leaders are being chipped away (whether by media exposure, or simply by a growing sense of urgency). It's just that the change isn't happening FAST ENOUGH.

There's been a devastating earthquake in Sichuan, China. And Myanmar/Burma is wrecked by a cyclone. Africa is still in a political mess, and Europe is losing heart in many things.

And everywhere, Nature is being razed to the ground for development (okay, maybe not EVERYWHERE, but the places untouched by humans are dwindling)
It's hard to lock ourselves away. It's hard to find solitude and peace anywhere... unless you're going to go to Antarctica or something.
And even there (Antarctica and also the Arctic) the ice will be melting out from under you. Orc Sad Smilie