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This summer the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds will be showcasing the weapons and armour from some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters of recent years including The Lord of the Rings and the Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (the second instalment, Prince Caspian opens in the UK 26 June).

The free exhibition From Narnia to Middle-earth: Arms and Armour from the Movies opens on 12 July and will feature some of the most iconic props from the films including Aragorn’s sword, Legolas’s back rig, Sauron’s helmet and the gun that killed King Kong.

Craftsman-made by the world-famous, Oscar-winning WETA workshops in Auckland, New Zealand, many of the 230+ props have never been displayed in public before. The exhibition runs until 16 November and will be the only opportunity for movie buffs and the general public to see these exquisite items in the UK.

From Narnia to Middle-earth: Arms and Armour from the Movies has come about because of a professional and personal friendship developed between the Armouries Senior Curator of Edged Weapons, Bob Savage, with WETA’s owners Richard Taylor and the director Peter Jackson.

Many of WETA’s weapons and armour are based on medieval European designs and are bespoke items built to ’battle-ready’ standard using contemporary techniques. Curator Bob Savage has advised the Weta workshop and other major moviemakers on weaponry including Ridley Scott for Kingdom of Heaven.

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Wow, just checked out the site. I want to go see this !!! Cool Smilie