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Oh dear, I've gone and gotten the missus preggers again, bit of a shock...but a good one.
But this definately the last, never thought i've have 4 kids Shaking Head Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie Shocked Elf Smilie
congrats! Big Smile Smilie
thought of a name yet :P ?
Four at once! That is a gift Christmas Smilie Congratulations!
We have Cody, Connagh and Shea so we'd like to keep the Celtic theme going.
Decided on Brianna for a girl. Haven't got anything for a boy yet as we're hopeful for a girl.
Well, you can always use Bran for a boy; though, I'm not sure if it is Welsh or Celtic or both.
Heeey! Congrats Rho! Baby Girl Smilie

It seems it's getting more and more usual for parents to have 4 or more kids, and the kids are often close in age. Well, around here it is at least. Best of luck to all of you, it's a though job but so worth it!
Congratulations to you and the missus, Rho! I like the Celtic names, you'll have to tell us when you think of the boy's name for this child.
Cheers guys Smile Smilie How's your wee girl Ama?
She's great! Adorable, stubborn, cheerfull and a proud big sister. We have a two month old little baby boy too now. So cute! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Congrats!!! This is a nice Christmas gift Wink Smilie
We've decided on Devyn for a boy.
Devyn sounds cool. Dezza FTW.
That sounds good! I like both those names. When is Mrs. Rho due? Wishing you both the best but especially her since I've been there done that Smile Smilie
Thanks Sian, Siran is due August 1st.
Good there is another born in the High Day of the Elves.
Well, Siran just got back from the scan, I didn't want to know the sex as I've known for the other two, but she opened her mouth and "he" popped out, oh well. I just can't believe it's another boy, 4 BOYS!!!, well, at least things aren't ever going to be dull around here....Beers at my place on Friday!!
Congrats! And it will be easier to pick a name, won't it?
Congrats Rho! I daresay you will have your hands full in the coming years! Elk Grinning Smilie
Sian, I am sure they already picked Devyn as a name if it was a boy Orc Going Huh Smilie
That's right; I have a very poor memory, Cheesy, and I don't scroll back to previous posts enough.