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Thread: Moving PT to a new host

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I will be moving PT to a new host over the next two days, so the site may be up and down, please be aware that I will make a copy of the database tomorrow morning, and any point after that until the site has propagated to its new home (I'll update here to let you know when it has), you may new loose posts. Please be patient and keep popping back here to check progress. Thank you!
As of now until I update this thread saying otherwise, all new board posts will NOT be saved / carried over until the site has moved webhosts (should be tomorrow evening).

Will update you as and when this has been completed. Thank you
PT has now been transfered successfully, including all posts. Please feel free to use the website as usual. Thank you for your patience.
I'm seeing a small number of unexpected errors in the log files, if you come across an error please can you update this thread with 1) the url of the page you were viewing at the time 2) a copy/paste of the error message 3) whether you were logged in/out at the time and or whether it forced a log out - Thank you