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This is something that I have been musing over in the back of my mind for a few weeks, but now I'd like to bring it out into the open. A Google search with the words 'tolkien fansite' brings up, which has LOTR and Hobbit news as well as forums, which to be honest aren't very user-friendly (i.e you have to click on each post to see it, so it becomes frustrating).
Then there is the Lord of the Rings Fanatics Plaza, which I regret to say is a bit more active than this site (but it is still almost as non-user-friendly as
Then there is a Wikipedia article - Wikipedia, I ask you - about Tolkien fandom.
Then there is Tolkien Trail, a site I feel nowhere near as good as this, not very active, no RPGs, and again (this seems to be a recurring issue) a bog-standard interface. It even has whole mini-forums dedicated to Harry Potter and Star Wars! *shakes head in despair*
Then there is, a fairly good site with a forum, games, and RPGs, but I feel that Planet-Tolkien still has an edge over it.
Finally, we come to our humble home on the list. Is there any way that anyone knows of to change this? I feel that if we were on top, or at least near the top of the list, it would allow possible new members to see and explore our site first.
We used to be the top Tolkien site on the web, but once the movie hype died down and Grep bought us, this place died off. I know I became busy with my family and I can imagine that most of the younger ones discovered boys and girls and cars and all the usual teenage things, I also know that many of the Admins had become frustrated with Grep and his management and have moved on, but you have to remember that LoTRs is just a story and I know that to you guys it seems like the most important thing in your lives but trust me, things will change as you get older and this site won't be as important to you.
Anywho, luckily Tarrent is back, and he knows what he's doing, he started this site when he was only 16 or so, so he has the right stuff. If you have a suggestion, post it in the appropriate forum and He'll use what he likes and appreciate the stuff he doesn't and before to long this place will be rocking again.