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First new thread in a while! Smile Smilie
What I want to ask Tarrant about, and what I'm sure quite a few of us also want to know, is about the new RPG that he said he'll be launching later this year.
What manner of RPG will it be? Text based? An MUD? I'm not entirely sure what these kinds of things are. How will they differ from the ones we already have (the Khazad-d’mish Inn, A Dark Threat from the North, Eruheran's Quest etc.)?
I'm fairly excited and intrigued by what Tarrant has already made a few sly hints to, so I want answers.
I'm not saying anything, how boring is that Orc Grinning Smilie You have lots to look forward to though, there is the new design coming in the next month or two, the RPG and also a secret surprise as well. But I'm not giving anything away, even the Council doesn't know. You'll just have to wait and spot the clues which will be appearing around the website shortly.
[cute-face]Pretty Please?! [/cute-face]
Teacher Smilie Computer says no.
Hmmm, well keep this thread open for any updates in the future then.
Well, shucks! Smile Smilie I'm very much looking forward to everything, though, Tarrant. Appreciate all the work you're doing!