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Thread: Happy New Year

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Happy New year to all my friends here on PT. Wish everyone the very best for this year, lots of luck love and happiness. Enjoy :parry: Big Smile Smilie

Happy New Year, everyone!!! I wish you all a happy and prosperous 2011!  Smile Smilie

Happy new year! Pary Smilie 

Wishing all my PT friends and the occasional eagle and Balrog a safe,prosperous and happy new year!!

Everyone, happy new year.

Happy New Year to all 

happy new year to u all! hows everyone?! u guys got any new years resolutions?!

A blessed and prosperous New Year to everyone.  I have never seen the value of waiting until New Years to decide to change something in my life. Daily overcoming is the only way I know to get things done.

Happy new year. bit late but better late than never

Happy New Year everyone! Hope this is the year that you read LoTR lots, get excited by the new Hobbit movie, listen to awesome music, talk to inspiring people, save the world and ride a dragon. Make it a good one.