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Hi, When you have a moment, please visit StumbleUpon and write a kind review of Planet Tolkien.

It is an honor to write a small review for this website, more people should write one until there is 100 instead of 20.

Thanks Dain and I agree, more people should write a review 

Come on you lot. Not a single member has written a review yet 

Just added my review.Sorry for being so late,Taz.

Thank you! It seems StumbleUpon doesn't make the review(s) visible unless the reviewer has a photo uploaded to their profile and has made a certain number of Stumbles.

I did a few stumbles,uploaded my pic..I think it's visible now

Here is the review I wrote, Taz.  Sorry I was not faster.  This is all new to me.

Excellent site for those learning about Tolkien or those who know him well. Whether you are into rpg's or discussion of Tolkien's style or just chatting with good friends across the globe, Planet Tolkien is the place to be.

This is awful.

I can see my review from my account but can't see it when I use the link in this thread.What's happening?

This is my review:This is THE best Tolkien related site EVER.If you are remotely interested in the movies or the books or Tolkien himself or just want info,backup or discussions(light or heavy) this is the site to check out.
It has the best members ever..friendly,wise and helpful and miles of threads on every conceivable topic.I love it.
OdetteSmile Smilie  

If anyone spots it in reviews let me know.

I use to have an account with them. Hmmmm, now if I can only remember my old login & password.