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Well, first of all, hi to all, I'm new here, and I need a bit of help from those who are skilled in language. Here's the deal, I'm currently writing a novel and while it does not count as a fan-fiction, I am still very much inclined to include a bit of Tolkien in it. Which is where all you lovely people come in. I need names, in Elvish or the Black Speech even, to christen various things, like weapons and people to a certain extent. I would also like the meaning of these names, so that I could further expand the story. I am not sure if I'm allowed to do this, but  I'm at a lost here and who better to turn to than the followers of one of the greatest writer ever. If I'm doing something wrong, please do tell, but if I'm not, your feedback will be very much appreciated. Zizi.

Hello and welcome. Because we have very young people drop in or participate, vulgar language is not appropriate for this site.

As to your question, I myself am not skilled in either of these things, but I checked on the forums, you can see the word on the upper right on your screen above 'REPLY TO THREAD' and if you click that on it will take you to a myriad of topics. A couple are about Elven speach and one called the Sword Guild , under title Misc guilds. I am sure the people that participated would be a good place to start.

Leelee has given great suggestions. There are threads that contain a lot of information about the Elvish language, as well as, discussions about weapons.

I have edited your post to remove offensive language.

Welcome to Planet-Tolkien and I hope that you find the information you seek. We do have a lot of very knowledgable members amongst us. Smile Smilie

Hmm, I see. Thank you all so much!

You are most welcome.)