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This was one of my biggest peaves of the LotR movies. Elrond, half-elven, mighty among Elves and Men, played by a scrawny, ugly, short man who's role in The Matrix made him undecernable (to me anyways) as any other character....Especially ELROND!!! Absolutely horrible actor choice imo. Now they are dragging him back to TH. Sad, very sad... These movies torment me more than a ring of power. Greedy for the translation of others thoughts into visuals, but loth to see the greatest tales of all time destroyed by Mordo...I mean Hollywood.

Im sorry you feel that way.  I thought that Hugo Weaving was a great choice for Elrond.  The pain and futility of his existence is fantastically portrayed.  I loved the Last Alliance scenes in the beginning of the 1st film.  His relationship with Arwen was beautifully handled as well.

Never forget that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you should never call anyone ugly, as there will be people in the world who think your ugly and Im sure you would never want to hear them say it regarding you.

Ah Brego, what a sweet and noble heart you have. Though I don't watch teli , but instead carefully choose and buy dvd's and watch only them, and don't know anything else Hugo Weaving was in other than as the voice of Rex the dog in Babe, I think I can at least a little understand the disappointment one has upon finding out that an actor that made one disgusted or bored or offended should then be put into a once in a life time role as the noble Elrond Half-Elven. It is hard to bear. But I agree, if the acting is superlative than it is worth a try to lose oneself in the character and try to be agreeably entertained. Hard though. And indeed beauty is in the mind of the beholder. That is such a true saying .

I thought Hugo did a fine job with what he was given. I would have liked to see a better representation of his relationship with Aragorn, who was after all like a son to him and whom Aragorn regarded as a father figure. Something which barely registers in the films at all.

I saw The Matrix well after I watched LOTR but I thought that Elrond seemed much too distant and even angry at times.  When I finally did watch The Matrix, is was like Weaving played the same personality in both films.  There were a few moments, mainly in FotR, when Elrond seemed somewhat gentler and you got the sense that his house really was homely and welcoming, but for the most part I disliked the film's characterization of Elrond.

Lee Lee your posts are truly laced with Elvish tranquility, every time you post....

Hugo Weaving has been in some great films in the past, mostly Australian.  Priscilla Queen of The Desert is probably his first break outside of Aus.  He was also the voice of Optimus Prime in the awful Transformer movies as well as the original Agent Smith in The Matrix.  He is also a very strong stage actor and has worked a lot with Cate Blanchett.

I am sorry you feel that way Lugdush.  What you term as ugly can be defined as a face with character which I feel shows up a lot in Hugo Weaving's portrayal of Elrond. I particularly liked the scene at Rivendell where the fellowship came together. 

 He is a very talented voice actor as well and in case anyone on this forum did not know he voices the character Megatron in the Latest Transformer movie and a couple of other soon to be released films. 

Thank goodness Barry Humphries will portray the Goblin King in The Hobbit films and not Barry's other half, namely Dame Edna!

Still there will be lots of laughs!

Cant wait Withydillo!  Humphreys will be brilliant I believe.  His white pointer shark in Finding Nemo was incredible!