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Hello, folks! I just noticed that one of my journal entries, entitled as 'Dream is a path that you must walk', has over 1000 views/reads, so I wanted to thank all of you who have read this piece of work.

It means a lot to me and keeps me going onwards with writing.

Thank you!

I stumbled upon this thread and thought that hey, why not throw in a little update.

When I created this thread some years back, I did so to celebrate 1000 reads on one of my works. And this time, I'm on the same kind of business, but this time, I ain't gonna write about numbers.

I've returned back to this thread of celebration to thank you all, members and travelers alike, for reading my works during the past years.

It's been fun posting 'em, and I shall never stop doing so.

I've another Tolkien inspired tale in the works. I'm not sure about the content yet, but for now, it goes by the working entitle: 'Never forget the green plains of Beleriand'.

I'm also writing some story material again, but I'm not sure yet which concepts and themes I end up with. It may be yet another bone-chilling winter tale about caverns unearthed and about strange secrets that never saw the daylight.

Who knows, the road is full of twists and turns. All I can do is follow and try not to stray.

Thank you all once more for all the time you've put into reading the efforts of my mind.


- Oerath.

Looking forward to the Tolkien tale. One of the problems with Tolkien's works is that there are so few truly well developed characters (outside of LotR...Túrin, Morgoth, Tuor {maybe}, a few others, but not many). You are good at writing characters, and so I would love to see one of your characters in Tolkien's world. Oh, and by the way, it's fun to read your works, that's why I read them.

Hello there, Curufinwe, I'm glad you like reading 'em. It's always fun to share tales and stuff, when you know that people will read them. That's what is truly best in it - to share to make people happy through reading.

And hey, not a bad idea at all. I might introduce a new character. And oh, the entitle feels quite good as it is. I just love Beleriand and that timeline, despite all of it's war and cruelty. Luckily, good things happened too during those times.