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A very happy new year to one and all! It's been more than ten years since the Fellowship of the Ring came out (if you can believe it) and since then, the site's membership and activity has always been strong - an amazing testament to the thousands of Tolkien fans across the world. Here's to another ten with the same amount of laughter, love and companionship that is what keeps this site special and unique. Happy 2012!

Hear hear! 

Thank you all, each and every one, for making this site as wonderful as it is! 

That is so well said FornadSmile Smilie
Heart-warming and brilliant, so I'll just say Happy New Year to you and yours!

Happy New Year to all my friends on PT and to all who don't know me yet.  My prayer is that we are all blessed with every grace in 2012.


Blessed Happy New Year to all! I echo everyone else's wishes!


Fornad and Gandalf and Wen and all of us, may our prayers be answered and may we like those under Ellasar have peace and joy and fulfillment this year of 2012.  My what an elite bunch you are, it was liking walking into a room full of royalty when I clicked on to this thread.

Deep down we are all nobles. Don't you agree?