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Spamming PT like you did is disgusting and I'm pretty sure none of us will ever wish to visit your website or do any business with it. If you want to advertise or something like that you should contact the CM, and not ruin the message board for us users!

Sadly this happens from time to time. I've notified Taz  about this, so this person or bot will be gone shortly. Smile Smilie

Ah noble Thorin, your words are so true. I spent over half an hour deleting which I could have spent with my daughter whose life is hanging by a thread , so I hope our Taz will end this shameful thing. To come on here, this sanctuary for many and see nothing but spam is dreadful and i wonder how many people were sad or lonely and just wanted the company of other Tolkien fans for a little and could not because every space was filled with this.

And thank you to Am and Fen for helping me out . I also wrote Taz on site here so he must have been terribly busy and not noticed, he usually answers me within the day.

The user has been banned.

I'm really glad the matter has been solved. /hail The Council. Smile Smilie

PS. I hate spamming. ^^

Spam is the work of he is no longer named in Arda......