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Dearest Leelee, once you said that because you're the one who chooses the POTW you can't get the POTW. But you're such an amazing person. And your posts are always so beautiful and touching and full of wisdom and knowledge. You really deserve the POTW and the honor to win it. So that's why I post this. You really deserve it. You are the one who keeps things going here. You are the one who is always there to help. You are so kind and so amazing. You always post as much as possible. You make lovely threads and if someone is new you always welcome that person and makes that he feels comfortable here, at this wonderful place. I really admire you. And I'm sure there are much more members who think you really deserve it. Dearest, I love you. I hope that you're alright.

I entirely agree with Arwen, no one deserves it more tan you Leelee

Well I of course agree.  However I think Leelee needs a unique title.  Perhaps Woman or Maiden of the month or year...  Thats pretty bad, Ill look something up in Sindarin....

What on earth? Ilsa you made me cry. I was literally terrified when I saw this thread. I could not imagine what was wrong. Thank you my little angel, you truly are my family, Hasia's big sister. Thank you. I honest don't agree but to be thought well of by anyone (except Sauron) is an honor. So , thank you again. Thank you too, you two. Smile Smilie

Arwen, this idea of yours is wonderful. You are completely right in your description of Leelee. I think she is the only one that is always keeping an eye on us as a mother caring for her children. She has always beautiful words and give us hope when we see only darkness.  LadyAlyss, nice to read some new posts from you, I missed you.

Congratulations Leelee!

By the way Brego, I would call her: Keeper of the Peace  in PT Kingdom. Even so, if you find a sweet name in Elvish would be better.

How about "Hiril Osell’ier Envinyatar" for Leelee. Lady Sister Healer?

Oh dear leelee. It wasn't my intention to terrified you. Even if you aren't agree with it. We do! So there must be something of my words true. Be in peace.
You really are my family. Please, tell Hasia that I pray for her.
Love forever.

And you are so true about her, saying ''she is the only one that is always keeping an eye on us as a mother caring for her children'' Yes, Leelee you really are. If you believe it or not!

btw. lovely name, Brego. Yes, lovely.

I wanted to come here and post something to you, Rachel, since I've known you for the whole time I've been here, since of my glorious return.

First of all.

You've helped me a lot and you've given me advice that none else could have not. And always when I post in our precious poetry thread, I feel that you're there, watching over the thread, and over those who decide to pass by and share some bits of their own personalities, spirits and souls. You're there, judging it all with your everlasting kindness.

My first months here were not that special, since I had not yet completed my own use of english. I did a lot of mistakes, but going through them all was something truly special and very rewarding. And I recall us having some talks right from the start, and I'm thankful that I've known you during all this time. You're a kind and noble soul, Rachel.

Forever be hailed and remember, Elder Rachel. This is the picture that I've about you: You're like a mother, and we're your little creative and poetic children. Smile Smilie

- O.W.

There is no appropriate avy for tears falling, you are breaking my heart all of you.It takes no special thing to see the beauty in each of you. To know you have stepped up to the plate and taken a chance, for thousands to read. It is really each of you who helps me to feel my way through the dark until I come into a sheltered sunny place. Each one of you on this thread has privately comforted me and helped me up when I have fallen down from despair and grief, from fatigue and weariness. Each one of you have been a gift from Eru, plain and simple and for you and everyone that have given of themselves on this site, you have fixed yourselves as perfect icy stars glowing in a dark friendless night to help show the way. Whatever our lives hold from this moment on, I shall place your kind words upon the mantle of my heart and draw comfort from it always. Thank you and thank you little Ilse. Love to mummy and daddy , grandmother, grandfather and dear Wim. I still pray for mummy Oerath.

I also know and keep in my heart some of the cost Leelee has paid in her life to be the kind, loving soul she is here for us on PT.  I count it a great blessing to know her.  May Elbereth bless you.


יברך אותך ואת המשפחה שלך לעד.  

Dear Leelee, I'm glad you like this thread. You said that you don't need a special thing to see the beauty in each of us. Maybe! But you have to be special to have your own thread and if people are saying such very kind, true things about you. And for me you are very special. You really deserve this honor.
I will pray for you and Hasia and Travis and Clayton. And I will always remember you.
You were one of my first friends on pt. First I was shy, but later I knew that I could tell you everything. You were and you are so very kind. The way you say has something special, something magical.
I love you.


Well deserved, to say the least. And not at all surprising. You light up every place you go to, Leelee. And it is a joy to see the POW threads back up and running. 

(And for the record though, we did make sure we gave Leelee a POW before we asked if she would join the council. Wink Smilie And that was... back in December 2010!? Time sure flies...)