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Well, I don't know how it happened, but i pushed delete and confirm for my extra post only just as I do for anyone's and poof, the thread disappeared. i don't know if it can come back, i will ask Taz, so however whatever, I ask forgiveness. It was my second favorite thread. So I suppose Elbereth will have to write a ten page post to get us back on track. And Brego will have to fill in for us. What a day. I knew I should not come on here with no sleep. i promise, well I promise I will try to never make such mistakes again. Very Sad Smilie

Let's hope you didn't have the power to make the actual place disappear as easily as you did the thread, Leelee angel.

I'm not sure Taz will be able to restore it without resetting the site to a previous back-up.

Val, any chance of my coming on the boat with you for a week, I will work hard and will be the one with the bag on my head, honestly. You have no idea how quickly I woke up when I noticed. I am not sure I had a heart beat there for a bit either. I had a feeling the Tazster would not be able to do much after my 'little moment' there.

Val, how I wish you would start a thread about your work, teach us, let us go on the journey through mist and deluge , tearstained skies and wind that can talk to you in a dark storm. Sigh, the stuff dreams are made of. To tell the truth I still feel as if I am in a dream because you are HERE, you are come. If you only knew the dark days of my soul that were eased knowing this dream, for that all it was for the years since I came here, that it actually for real came into being. Thank you. To me you are the closet thing to the great mariners of Tolkien's work.

Hi everyone!

I am in NZ, don't worry Leelee you have deleted the post but the country is still on its place, hahaha.

Today, I am in Tongariro national park and it's snowy! Great because where I live it never snows.

I am loving this trip, People is very nice and helpful, even when they don't understand me very well definitely I must improve my English-, well, at least I have some more days to do it!!!

More info about this at my return. Now only to give you a bit of envy... I have been in Hobbiton!!! How beautiful!!!

Hoping your loving your trip to NZ. I've been twice and simply love NZ. Much love to you you. Enjoy!

How embarrasing, but i rejoice to know New Zealand is still there! Hobbiton, oh how absolutely marvellous. The second one now done is far superior to the first and permanent. I could sit outside one of those dear little places for a month and just think and rest.

Have the very best of times dear one and come back to us happy, fulfilled and safe.

Today I have been in Weta cave taking pictures of every single thing related to the LOTR and also the Hobbit, they have some puppets and drawings of the characters and places. It was delightful to put a face to the dwarves and also to watch Smaug prototype.

New Zealanders are also a nice folk. They seem like Hobbits to me, always ready to help and with a smile in their faces. Lovely people!!

Why thank youindecision

Im so jealous Elbereth.  Those Weta people are amazing!

How was Smaug, or are you sworn to secrecy?

Heh, i showed my little 6 year old the original Hobbit cartoon/movie and he loved it, he's also been on a Dragon bender for months now. LOL the other day when the Missus picked him up from school she picked up two girls hitchhiking and he turned and said to them 'Hullo ladies, My names Connagh and I love Dragons' No guess to know what Genre he's gonna get into when he starts reading. Smile Smilie

Well Rho, if he says "thangu very much" when he has a cold, you'll know for sure.