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Happy birthday...
Happy birthday to our great, lovely, sweet council member. Today is the birthday of a very dear friend of mine. I talk about Leelee. Happy birthday sweetheart. I hope you have a joyful day.
May the blessing of Eru shine upon your path.

Happy birthday, Leelee. I hope you have a great one.

WHAT?! when was I ever stupid enough to ever ever ever mention my birthday? I only just got a couple of members of the family out the door, i bribed them with money, to go have a hopefully four hour lunch so I can get on with my day. All that whispering and giggling and running about with gifts and stuff, and that is the adults!

But thankyou so very much. Arwen, I am breaking my rule and messaging you once more and please answer it immediately. For my birthday. I am terribly excited.

Val, the only thing that would make my day better is a short trip with you and the crew to work. Just once, on the salty sea, the wind in my hair, the gulls calling as they dipped and soared in the crisp air, and the water under us singing in the deepest base. aaaaaaaaaaaah.

Happy Birthday Leelee! Hope you have a wonderful time with friends and family and enjoy all that is life.

Its already the 20th in Aus... But Happy Birthday dearest Leelee.  May this year bring you Happiness and Blessings! x

Hope you had a lovely day, Leelee. Smile Smilie 

Happy birthday Leelee!

Thank you. Thankfully it is over. so this thread is locked!indecisionWell At any rate on to the next person's birthday, okay?

A bit late reply from me: Happy Birthday, Rachel. I hope you had a great day. Smile Smilie

I do not remember nearly anyone's birthday dates, so often, I just go with the flow.

Just like Queens of the Stone Age would!

Rock on, Elder Rachel!

Don't say you were stupid because you said your birthday. ;-) I wish I could give you a real present. :-)

Why did I pick yesterday of all days to not visit the planet! Well, a very happy late birthday, nevertheless! I hope it was a wonderful day, and thank goodness you shared it with us so we can celebrate you! Happy (late) Birthday, Leelee!

Ta very much angel girl. And Ilse, you and Wim are my gifts.

Oh dear Leelee. You mean so much to me. Thank you for everything! I hope you're alright. Take care of yourself and of Hasia. And of Travis and Clayton. I don't know when their birthdays are but.....I wish them a great and blessed birthday.

Happily little minx, I am not about to tell you when their birthdays are. Oh and by the way I finally found the beautiful drawings for Hasia's birthday. She loved them, thank you.

I must admit i am shocked at how outgoing you are for an elf. We elves don't share easily and especially not when our birthdays are !

I'm glad she liked the drawings.

It wasn't mine intension to knew when their birthdays are. I just wanted to say that I wish them a good birthday whenever that may be.

Do I tell or ask to much? Is it bad to wish them a great birthday? I knew already that you wasn't going to tell when their birthdays are. And I understand that. And It really wasn't mine intension to shock you. It really wasn't mine intension and I hope you believe that. I still am not a person who tells things easly. Believe me, I'm still quite shy. And I'm still an Elf.

I only have to say I post more.(like my post in the thread lessons to learn from Tolkien). But is that so bad? Do I share to much?

I was only teasing you my darling. You are the second baby sister of our family, get used to teasing!

Dearest, it's alright. Sometimes I'm to serious. I hope you can understand that.