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Dear friends, we have amongst us a new leader and new member of the PT council......Lady Arwen Undomiel! She is a wonderful member and is perfect for the role! Don't forget to congratulate her! ~Wen
Oh dear Wen, that's kind of you. Thank you very much. How sweet! I don't know what to say...

No need to say anything dear friend! It is a special day to celebrate your new position!

Congrats, Lady! You are perfect for the role of Council Member, and deserve it well. There is little I can say but perfect! It truly is wonderful, and thank you for everything you have done here. Our little elf of the Councilblush

You both are real Elves.:-) Thank you both, May the blessing of Eru shine upon your path. Thank you.

Sorry darling i did not have the time the last few days to write you up, school, work in the night shift, homeschooling. But i take the time to say i am happy for you . It is what you wanted, so consider this Taz's early early early birthday gift. hugs

Congratulations Lady Arwen! You deserve this role as you are the sweetest member I know in PT.

I send you a big hug!!

Oh dearest Leelee, you don't have to say sorry. I know you're happy for me. I hope that you will take it easy. Take care of yourself, dearest.

Oh Elbereth you're so sweet. Really. How does everything go? Are you alright? I hope so! *hugs* to you as well.

Everyone is so sweet. You all mean very much to me. It's like one big family with kind, sweet, wonderful and inteligent people.

I will do the best I can as a council member.

Congrats and well deserved dearest Arwen!

Thank you Brego. Thank you all for being so kind and nice to me.

And Wen thank you for making this tread. So kind, my friend.

Congratulations, Arwen. I am sure you will do a wonderful job blush

Thank you Val. I will do what I can as a council member, hopefully that's enough!

You'll be great! No doubt in my mind.  Smile Smilie

Thank you Amari’. :-) thats kind. *smile* Hope it will be so!!

Congrats Arwen

Thank you, my friend. *smile*

Why don't we chat sometime,and i am not twenty one i am 15,that was my jerk older brother who said that,sorry if i was a little rude.

Gonna go ahead and start by saying, good job. Even if it is now old news its a great accomplishment to be a council member and I am sure you will do great. Amras... Why?

What i just got a little rude on the chat box,my fault.

Thanks Curufinwe. I hope I'm doing a great job so far. Wink Smilie


Amras, it's okay. I already thought you didn't say your real age. Wink Smilie But don't worry about it. Wink Smilie