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Thread: The Beauty of First Snow

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I've had thoughts about creating this thread for a very long time now, and finally, I actually decided to do it.

Yes, I want you all to tell about your first snow experiences, if you are willing to share such information. ^^

In my opinion, it is truly a magical moment, since It happens only once in a year, and to me, it's the most important moment of the year as well, since I love winter so much.

Today, when I woke up early in the morning, my mother told me to look outside, and I did, and then I saw that it was raining snow outside. I took my time, but then I went out for a cigarette, and I just stood there and watched as those little snowflakes kept falling down from the sky. Then, a strong breeze of wind swept by, and I was in amazement.

Nothing ever beats that feel, when you're just standing there, and the wind proves it's power by swapping your hair from one side to another. That cold and grim feeling. I just love it.

So, that's one of my first snow experiences. How about yours? Smile Smilie

Oerath, this is wonderful, and actually, I was thinking about starting a thread just like this! I love winter, I love snow, and the frost on the fallen leaves, the crunch of the delicate flakes under my feet, the biting wind that makes my heart soar. I just love winter 

The first snow this year was actually at the very beginning of October. We (I and my family) were just talking about the weather, and how it probably wouldn't snow till right near, well, we actually said not till around the 31st. During that conversation, my mother said suddenly. "Holy cow, it's snowing!" And it was. Of course, my smallest siblings were ecstatic (they are 4 and 6 years old) but I just sat at the window and stared, and later spent a couple of hours just outside in the snow.  It was great. The wind was not very intense, but had that frosty chill; the snow danced and sparkled in little swirls amidst the various drafts. Hahaha, I just now turned to my left, looked out the window, and what do you know? It's snowing! 

I wish cold weather, snows abundant, and uplifting winds to those who love them the way I do. A very wonderful winter to you all! Namarie