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Happy new year! Where I live it's 8.30PM at the moment. So it isn't 2013 yet, but I'm not sure if I will have time to come online later this evening so I post something now. May peace and health come to you this year.

Happy New Years, here it's 9.15 on New Years morning. We're all off to the beach for a picnic........

Happy new year. Remember to drink lots of alcoholics! Big Smile Smilie

Please everybody, be careful in this new year and don't drink to much alcoholics.



Meh, Arwen. Wink Smilie

Four years and you'll learn some secrets of drinking. In good company (and in good amounts), drinking is perfect!

Another new year well spent for me, so I can keep some break during the following month (or not!).

Ha, drink or not, happy new year. My most important promise is to get more active and try to publish some novella's.

Also, I'll strive to quit smoking, less slot machines, gambling etc, ^^

Hopefully I can keep at least one of these.

Happy New Year to all you wonderful PT members