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Dear fellow members, friends and those I consider family: Merry Christmas and a happy new year! May

Eru bless you and the ones you love.


Big hugs to all of you,


Happy holidays to everyone here, and to all of the people you love! Hope you get lots of wonderful, thoughtful gifts from friends and family and enjoy yourself throughout the holiday season. Great job creating this thread Arwen.

Merry Christmas to you to, and I wish you all the best in the New Year.

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you all have wonderful days and best wishes for the coming year.

Merry Christmas everyone 

This thread was already there, so I thought to use it.

Without further epic chit-chat from the poet that is me, Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone here upon this bastion of hope (thank you Balrogs) that is Planet Tolkien.

And well, a little poetry may also be in order.


Lit candles behind the windows

A gentle snowfall waits just outside

Songs of peace and hope sound across the land, the forests and their many meadows

As you gather around a christmas tree, side by side


With your spirits lifted up high

You too start to sing songs from the times past

And the northern star shines brightly in the sky

The moment to eat a bountiful meal is nigh

May this Christmas Eve be as beautiful as the last

Well now. It's Christmas again. Those of you who celebrate, happy Christmas. Those of you who don't...festivities. Have and enjoy them. Or don't. The point is that everyone is happy, right? This is the time of year when we make sure we are all happy, so I guess just be sure to help your friends and family be happy and hope for reciprocation. 

Merry Christmas Elves and Men and Dwarves and even Uruks! Its great to be sharing my 2nd Christmas here with all of you mates, and Cur...I am going to live it up tomorrow mate! Christmas with my people and close friends...smells od cinnamon and ginger wafting deliightfully throughout the air, whispering seasonal tidings of happiness and love. Thanks to that merry dragon poet(merry christmas to you too Oerath!Merry Christmas to Arwen, Curufinwe, Oerathsmiley, and good old Gwindy. And Balrogswink and all of you, including the omnipotent Taz Merry Chriistmas to Alll!

Merry Christmas to all my good friends on Planet Tolkien!  


A Christmas Candle


Copyright 1975, 2014 by Gandalf



Oh, light a Christmas candle

Upon the Christmas tree,

And leave it there a-shining

For someone else to see.


Oh, sing a Merry Christmas

For everyone to hear it;

There is nothing so miraculous

As old-time Christmas spirit!


Caroling under bearskin

On a twilight cutter ride,

While all around the white goose down

Swirls as we glide.


Looking up we see on high

The star of Bethlehem,

Remembering that first Christmas

When shepherds worshiped Him.


As homeward-bound we turn,

The gladden church bells ring,

Announcing far and wide once more

The Day of which we sing.


Infant Christ in manger humble

Smiles upon this joyous sight,

And grants peace to all His children

On Christmas, yes, Christmas Night!


So light a Christmas candle

Upon the Christmas tree,

And leave it there a-shining

For someone else to see.

Indeed, Curufinwe. I always wish people happy christmas, 'cause so many believe in the day in so many different ways.

I, however, share different beliefs, but those I keep to myself.

As for the little poem, just felt like writing something for people, 'cause that's what I do Smile Smilie

Merry Saturnia to all!

I'm so sorry for being too late to wish you all a merry christmas.  Sad Smilie
I hope you've all had some wonderful time with family, friends or if you prefer on your own. 

Happy new  year to every single one of you! May Eru bless you. 

Arwen you silly lady you created this thread on Christmas Eve! You're not late at all! If anything you were early...

Me on the other hand... Merry Xmas everyone and Happy New Year. Glad so many of you are still pushing PT and not letting it fall into the depths of the internet. So many great people here, if that ever happened I would lose all faith in the internet for the rest of my days.

Best wishes to all of you and I look forward to a new year of Tolkien talk.