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CT disowned his son Simeon after he became "Chummy" with PJ. Adam is still firm about the Purist idea. But now the outrages continue. In Weta workshops, PJ has ordered a production of Silmarillion objects like Garments, Swords, Helms, digital construction and others!!!!!!! Simeon visited Weta with his "Frriend PJ" and talking about production. Also Saying that Adam is not so cautious. That is how he put it. Al thatPJ said he does not care about the minority" Tolkien Purists" and that if the public sees a action movie, They will get one. A fantasy one. A actor visited pJ's Home, just three days ago. Confirmed it is Christopher Walken. Now the Sil may be destroyed by a villain who is just what tolkien talked about!!!!!!!!! well this is what i think: "It is our turn to seize The day, and protest!'

They reconciled later, but now, things look like that "My beloved son Simeon" is plotting!

In case you guys were wondering, Amras has an uncle who is chief of staff at weta, and that is where he is getting his information, it is not just a rumor. Other things of note are: ST is disowned by CT, meaning he is no longer the heir. CT gets to give the sil to whoever he wants in his last will, and he would sooner give it to some random Tolkien purist on the Internet (jk, but fingers crossed anyway) than give it to someone who will sell it to PJ. If Adam looks like he might sway, who knows, maybe in his will CT will say "PJ not within 100 miles of sil", maybe he will give it to Guy Kay, but it will not end up in PJs clutches.