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I am going to create an entire forum for jokes, so enjoy, this one is for the fans. Like everyone here. Big Laugh Smilie

ya really, they used them both. A pirate and a Bard.kiss

I could give you a million. Why dont I do it for a good laugh. I look at these things all day!


Smeagol, well, i do not mind how many you do, they are great. and this is what this forum is for, so, fire ahead as many as you want friend.

It would be nice if you cited where you got them from, as 1) then you aren't plagiarizing, and 2) we can go there and read however many others you got.

I'll try to remember that although I get all my pics from Bing because Bing is awesome Smile Smilie 


Lotr - Did You Bring The Weed?What's Bing?

Bing is a website where you can site all sorts of things and get pictures for free. It's kinda like google Smile Smilie

Dude, so inappropriate’

And now I've lost Gimli too. Dang