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Thread: history is corrupt in schools

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History is so mainly corrupt and twisted in Public schools i thought that people have mixed notions about dates, evebts, people ect... so i created this forum for people who are mixed up, so like they ask questions and a person replies by answering, and so forth. this might be helpful for the populace. Animated Wink Smilie

What specifically do you mean by twisted/corrupt? Anyway, history is ok, but I have a feeling we won't have much credibility.

Dates and locations are factual.  All of history is corrupt, or at least not entirely unbiased, due mainly to the fact that only those who survive write it.  Most people see themselves as the 'good guy', no matter what cause/side they fight for.  But no matter where you stand, the dates of events can't be read in any other way, unless there is no definitive date set,in which case people give rough estimates which can vary greatly.

When talking about a particular event in history (ex: battles), most of the time information will always vary. Let's take American history, the battle of Little Big Horn for example. Custer took on the Native American nation of the Sioux. We all know that Custer and his men were greatly defeated. We read about it in school. The "white men" eventually won the war, so we were taught from their point of view. But if you were to ask the Sioux about it, they have their side of the story.