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Although many people aren't interested in lotr video games, i do take some liking into the pc games, including last days of the the third age. This happened due to the user name on Yuotube named Surreal Beliefs, whi is a lotr fan and does commentaries on his pc battles as gondor conquests, i am positive that he was on this website and would like to know if anyone knows something about this man, for he is pretty comical, his voice is, and he takes alot of interest in the lotr, so i thought someone might know.

I don't recall seeing anyone advertising/talking about Surreal Beliefs, but I remembered someone, who came here to advertise his/her guild or something.

And after some careful digging, I found this old post from 'Misc Guild's'.

I thought that - if the guild still exists - you might be interested in checking that out.

However, that particular post is nearly 2 years old.

Good luck anyway.

- Oerath.