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I didn't have any time on my hands, so this Midsummer, there was no extra poetry to be expected from me. But.. I thought that since I had a very good Midsummer, I should do a post and throw in some details about it.

So, we had our lil' party on saturday and we had a lot of meat n' other food. We had some pork sirloin, cow, chicken, mushrooms, potatoes, bacon, salad ingredients, wok ingredients and so on. We started to prepare things early in the afternoon and by four o'clock, we were ready to grill.

Accompanied by beer, red wine, some cider and brandy, the atmosphere was good and the weather wasn't that bad either. The food was very good and we ate for two full hours, constantly on the move between the dining table and the grill. Then we heated the sauna up and I took a bottle of liquorice spirit with me there and that's pretty much it. Shortly after the sauna, I started to feel a bit tired about all the drinking and the eating and decided to end the evening from my part by going to sleep.

So, whatever you guys and gals did, I hope you drank alcohol responsibly. For once, I did and I'm glad about it. Smile Smilie

Now, how about you? How was your Midsummer? Smile Smilie

Well, i have just read a wonderful book called Wisdom of the Shire by Noble Smith, a equally wonderful author and fan of Tolkien, i shall sing like a Hobbit, dance like a Hobbit and walk and have fun l;ike a Halfling, and also drinking the juices of Fruits and the waters that trickle from the springs of Arda. I will enjoy Midsummer like a Brandybuck, and stuff my face like Fattyacious Bolger.(well, not exactly like himSmile Smilie With that my and my great friends we shall tramp like a Baggins and eat mushrooms in the little woods of the shire. How i love the summer, for the laughing, the loving, and the enjoyments of the great Outside shall fill my time thinking about my Books and Tolkien's Mythos. With Love and Sincerity,



Well, someone's been in a happy mood. Smile Smilie

Where you've been lurking anyway, Amras. I haven't seen you on the site that much, but then again, I think you could say the same for me. ^^

It's good to hear that you too enjoyed of Midsummer.

Aaaaanyone else? Smile Smilie

Well Oerath, i have been very busy these past two weeks and it was difficult to find time to be on the Planet, but i will be always scattered still every few days and so i will be able to keep you company. Also due to some minor reasons i won't be able  to continue my Rpg. But anyway i will be hanging around!