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Okay . . . I'm not a totally involved member (no one spends all their time on here anywaySmile Smilie, so this doesn't completely involve me. BUT I've noticed that quite a few new members are going unnoticed, mostly because they don't spend much time on here anyway. P.S. This doesn't include Amras, to whom I extend my deepest gratitude for chatting with me and getting me more interested in the website. So my question(s; I might have more than oneSmile Smilie, is, can we find a way to notify people - or at least tell them how - about the chatting boxes? I got the hang of it pretty quick when I got on, but almost everyone I have tried to chat with have not replied. Also, is "The Prancing Pony" the only group chat? Anyway, that's about all. Thanks again, Amras! :-D

Dearest Nirwen! Thankyou for the splendid things you said about me. Also, i am not a important member so i can't change anything,  but the user arwen Undomiel can help. Please message me, i know, it is hard to find someone, but i will to. Hopefully let's chat soon,





Tiny problem; I can't message you, Amras 8-O.  How do I pm you?

Amras doesn't show up in the message list, but the reply button works, so if you want to message him get him to message you then keep his message in your inbox.

As for the chat, it seemed rather intuitive to me, but I can't remember when I first joined very clearly, so it could have actually been incredibly frustrating and I wouldn't remember. Maybe a guide to the chat system (there's a guide for everything else on this site) which only pops up when people first join is a good idea.

I'm gone try to let it (the fact Amras and other members as well don't show up in the list of people to send a message to) get fixed as soon as possible.

@Curufinwe, thanks a lot for your reply with the current solution to this problem. That's really kind of you.

I have fixed the bug whereby composing a new message, certain members were not appearing in the dropdown list. I've also added a new feature that allows you to click on a user's name within a post, to send them a direct message (at the request of Arwen).

Thanks Taz, Arwen, and Curuwinfe!  That helped a lot, and I successfully messaged Amras (no reply yet though, but no surprise there, I just sent it a few minutes agoSmile Smilie  Thanks again!

Sorry to bother again, I just wanted to ask another question.  Can I share (like a forum post) on anything besides Twitter?  Because I don't have Twitter, but I do have Google+ and Facebook, and I would like to share some posts on there for my friends (hopefully I will get them interested in the website).

And just a comment: I can vote more than once on the "Love story" poll.  I've voted three times on Beren and Luthien :-D  Thanks for answering my previous questions!

I'll ask Taz about thatWink Smilie

No, you can't. It only just doesn't say you already voted. But if everything works as it should only your first vote counts. Wink Smilie


In regards to your first post, I am on occasionally from time to time if I am ever on when you are, feel free to message me, I fall quite short of being a studied Tolkien fan... but this is a learning site. I would be glad to chat.

P.S Note that I live in East-Australia, so time zones can get in the way a smidge.

Cheers, your enthusiasm is compelling, hope to chat sometime 

Gror Falkbeard

I would love to chat with you, Gror!  I think you are about 14 hours ahead of me.  Maybe if you got on the morning and I got on late in the evening (I have stayed up really late talking to people anyway).  Or maybe we will just stumble on each other in the chat box one day!

Hope to chat soon!

Some time when i was chatting with Gror in late May, we caught eachother for about 3 consecutive times. My time was about 1:00 to 4:00 a.m. Not very fun,but i am a extremely light sleeper so that didn't bother me to much. Plus, it is not everyday someone chats with a dwarf from Australia. And even more weird, i was in Melbourne at the time.