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POLL: Who is your favourite character who appeared only in The Return of the King?

- Imrahil
- Denethor
- Beregond
- Ghan-buri-Ghan
- Birgil

Discuss your answers here.

I voted for Ghan-buri-ghan, partially because I like his name, but mostly because of his personality.  It would have been cool to see him in the movie, but PJ had his reasons to take him out.  Plus I like how John Howe drew him; he looks just like I imagined him.

I voted for Ghan also, mostly because he is different and therefore his description was actually interesting even though it was book three. The others were cool, but all of them together was a little too repetitive for me.

I place my bets on Imrahil, this is due to his staunch courage and that of his men, he is symbolic of an elder age of strength and this is reflected in his actions both on and off the battlefield. I also thought that it is highly symbolic that he walked next to kings, whilst being a prince himself. I see no reason as to why he was left out of the movies, I am sure there are reasons but there are no justifications.

P.S I DO enjoy the movies and I think PJ has done a great job as a director, however these subtleties annoy me a smidge.

Well i have personally seen Ghan before, in a city with a giant bridge:]. But just like FAULKY i go With Imrahil, prince of DOL AMROTH. He is a true blood of Numenor mixed with elvish blood whose troops too are described in every valiant defense in rotk. The walls held mostly in reason by Imrahil and his warriors. With a commander like him, who would want to flee? Then he clashes with the orcs as they rush into the breached city. Gondor's army is now in his hands, and he performs doughty deeds doing that. Moreover he is a brilliant general, as you can tell by his dialogue. It would be a annihilation if Imrahil's elite knight squadron clashed with a company of swarthy Haradrim. And it probably does. But even though the soldiers of Gondor fight like Dunedain, they probably would of left their dead sprawled throughout the levels of Minas Tirith if the Southern Army hadn't arrived in time.

I noticed that one of the choices in this poll is 'Ghan-Buri-Ghan', and that it was a number one voted character.

And I realized that I know a song about him. As a fan of music inspired by Tolkien, I present you: Battlelore - Ghan of the Woods.


Certain fantasy literature combined with metal music is bound to hit your head as hard as a sledgehammer would. That's what I think. Smile Smilie