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As we now have the option to add a signature to our posts I came up with a new thread. As the title says: What's your signature and why? What does it say (when in another language), why did you chose that, etc? As you can see under this post my signature is:

Loyalty is the only moral instinct that can exist on the same plane as truth itself. They may clash, but one can never overcome the other without cost.

This is a quote from a tv series I really like (Murdoch Mysteries). Both loyalty and truth are things I value and I think we can all relate to this quote one way or another.

Semper Fi ⚓ −

Semper Fi is short for Semper Fidelis which is Latin for Always loyal/Always faithfull. (Semper Fi is best known as being the motto of the USMC (United States Marine Corps). And an anchor and infinity sign for strength and...infinity.


And we all know what Namárië means. I'm curious to hear other people's stories about their signature.

'Come explore the astral heights of the gallery of imagination and time.' - is a line taken from one of my works, 'The Art of Dreamwalking'. It's meaning: Well, mostly, it represents my mind. Calling one's mind a gallery or such may sound a bit strange, but it's the continuous exploring of the human mind that yields the best results in writing. Such a true story in my case. Smile Smilie So, what my signature truly stands for, are my thoughts and my visions about writing. Smile Smilie

Hello Everyone. My first post. My signature is a Riddle. It is a riddle from the Middle Earth Play-By-Mail (MEPBM) game and no-one has worked out the answer.

Hi! My signature consists of two parts. The first part is my family motto. It says:

Wisdom and glory! wisdom is in words, glory- in deeds.

The meaning is obvious- one must read to become wise and to act to be brave and glorious". The "wisdom and glory" slogan is also written in Quenya as an invocation. This part is written in green, the colour of nature and life. The other part is a disclaimer, that declares all my posts to be personal opinions and that other people must make their own opinions. I think that it is important for people, especially new members, to read the books and find out things for themselves.

Just out of interest, why was this feature removed?

Also, why was Planet Tolkien changed back to this format from the previously newer one?

Probably cost related, PT has become the quintisencial ghost town...

We reverted back from phpBB to this format as it was programmed by myself, and easier to customise for new features than the other forum software.

Yes, PT is quiet. Most of the Tolkien fan sites 'of old' no longer exist, were one of the few who remain but even then there isn't as much interest in discussion as when the movies were being produced and released.

What other projects or web-sites are you working on ATM bro? Or have wife and kids become a priority? Smile Smilie

Hey everybody! I just randomly thought of Planet Tolkien and logged in. Was surprised I could still remember the password. How are you all?