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Thread: Happy 2017 and welcome back!!

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I hope everyone has had a good holiday season. May 2017 be a great year filled with health and happiness.

I'm looking forward to talking to all of you again! I've missed this place and I hope we can all make it our new years resolution to post more often and keep this wonderful place alive! ;-)

Morning and Happy New Year surprise

Hope you all like the new header? It's a sneak peak at something bigger ...

It's pretty and it''s one of my favorite quotes. :-)

Yeah, it looks really great. I'm looking forward to what else is in the works. 

Yay! Happy 2017 everyone! Love the new artwort

Ah, time to come out of the shadows, I guess, in a way. Greetings, each and all, the poet returns once more, to spread his word through mystical old lore.

Let it be a good year of a journey for us all.

Also, Taz, the new front page icon is neat. I like it.

Until next time.

With poetry.

Happy New Year guys.

All of my remembered favorites  How does the council do?I I have been looking at a smashing book of JRRs art. So simple and faerie like. Like all of you, works of art

Leelee! How are you doing?