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Hi there. The title isn't meant to offend, I'm certainly not suggesting that Tolkien ate shrooms, please bare with me as I try to explain. My interests on youtube are wide and varying, I enjoy watching videos on everything from black smithing to philosophy. A few years ago I happened upon a man name Terrance McKenna, Terrance studied psilocybin in it's many forms, from Magic mushrooms to DMT (a derivative of ayausca) Many people (including Terrance) have reported being transported to other dimensions when they take psilocybin. Each variety of mushroom takes you to a different world full of many different forms of creatures, including elves, dwarves and dragons. I know you're probably thinking that I've been eating mushrooms myself to make such a bold statement but it's true. (please feel free to research this, Professor Jordan Peterson speaks of this often) There have been many studies done on the subject including one famous study performed by Professor Straussman where dozens of his subjects reported their consciousness being shot from their bodies to a very similar world where strange creatures welcomed them and taught them how to manipulate the very substance of the universe. Now, I know elves and dwarves etc come from Viking myth and legend and having watched every season of vikings so far I know that they partook in magic mushrooms, could it be that the variety of mushroom in the Netherlands just happens to take you to a middle Earth style world full of Elves and Dwarves? Could we have the humble magic mushroom to thank for Lord Of The Rings? It's an interesting idea that makes the mind bogle, but I have no intention of finding out, psilocybin is a very serious drug with very dire consequences if abused... I'd be very interested in your thoughts and ideas. Heres an interesting excerp from one of Joran Peterson lectures. 


Greetings, Rho. How fare ya? What a bold statement indeed, but I have to agree with you. As someone, who has created a whole universe of worlds, realms and tales of his own, I can safely say.. that I did not accomplish all of it entirely on my own.

That much I am going to reveal about the psychedelic journeys of a man that is me of the winds. Feel free to loathe me for making this comment, I cannot help it. Once a free spirit at birth, a free spirit ever after.

Each decision must be measured carefully beforehand, when dealing with mind-altering things like Psilocybin mushrooms. 

Terrance McKenna, a wise man, I too have watched some videos about him and I really like of his thoughts on philosophy, shamanism and nature.

Good to see some activity on this site. Insightful. I would like to think that Tolkien himself went down this road a few times in order to realize his master vision.

Hey Oerath, no hate at all mate, life in "Most" of it's forms should be experienced. I'm personally facinated with the ability of psilosybin to correct and completely clear out the mind of depression and many other mental issues. Though certainly not as excited as I am to learn that there really are alternate universes where fantasic magical creatures and vast impossible landscapes exist.


Things are going good, I'm learning much and enjoying life in general. How's the music and writing going with you?

Glad to hear that man. Experiences are good, yeah, I like to take it pretty chill when it comes down to these kind of things, long intervals between sessions n' stuff, but I must say, during the second time I ever gave it a good and prepared kind of shot, everything went alright, and I was transported into the ancient oceanic realm of Aquallenosh (the outcome of images of both soul and mind), and was then greeted by two most utmost celestial beings in The Arcadianth Tales, called Zhicra, the Heavenly Last Spark and Selenémukh, the Mother of All Celestiality.

It is a place, where three different colored suns burn bright in the sky, and one thousand isles lay scattered across an nearly infinite body of water. I have never got to find out how far the ocean truly reaches, even though while there I can even change into a black dragon, but everything important and epic.. happens under the waves. So, why spend too much time just flying around? I do not have a proper sea form, so I sometimes just ask the dolphins for a ride, since evil creatures await lurking in the depths, I must be ready to punch them in the face with Chakra.

I will upload a new journal entry about the world tonight.

Writing goes well, and I could say the same for music. I am currently doing storaging part-time for one logistics company, but I am constantly proceeding forward in my catalog/book plans and so. It's been years, since I last thought about getting my files more organized, but at this point.. it's going to take more than years to get it all right and after edited. Cheers to the past version of me for living such an artistic life. Big Smile Smilie

Ya learn some things along the road. I have gathered over 500 of my most important works on Allpoetry, where I have been active since 2011. I am currently fighting for good old Britain, re-writing the Arthurian legend anew to be a collection of poetry, story, history chapters and sing-along parts etc.  

Fantasy/drama/action/supernatural/romance/mysticism - a mix of the ages.

The current deadline is set for Autumn. After this year's schemes end, I will start taking it easy writing-wise and focus on fewer, yet lengthier releases. 

I can't speak to Vikings and hallucinogens, but I believe there is one more or less direct connection to Tolkien--not psilocybin, but Amanita Muscaria, the Fly Agaric mushroom. The Sami people have used them throughout history, particularly their shamans. These shamans were known for the power of their singing, called yoiking, which could affect plants,animals, and people, as seen, for instance, in the Kalevala. There's no doubt a connection between "magic" mushrooms and magical powers,here. Tolkien, as we know, loved Finnish, and studied the Kalevala. And although he intended Tom Bombadil to represent the genius loci of rural England, I think there can be little doubt that his "singing" powers were influenced by the stories of the shamans. Tolkien himself would have been horrified at the idea of any mind-altering drugs (other than tobacco and alcohol) being used by any of the "Free Peoples" in Middle Earth, just as he was in real life, but I have to wonder if the feeling of a slightly altered sense of time, of being somehow in another world, in the house of Bombadil, doesn't derive from this same shamanistic influence. I might add, less seriously, that it's interesting that the Hobbits slipped easily and almost unconsciously into this "singing" way of speech,in Tom's house. Given their love for mushrooms, how hard would it have been for him (or Goldberry!) to slip a tiny bit of Fly Agaric into the dish?