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of course I am. It is an excuse to use all of those little smilies. Big Laugh Smilie
Yea Tommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoooo hoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Over 2000. Yippppeeeeeee Big Smile Smilie Wink Smilie Cool Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Tongue Smilie Smoke Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie Animated Wink Smilie Pixie Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie
Sharing in the fun, Mellie? Dunce Smilie
Tolkien themed websites/postBodyboards on the internet, including some of the biggest ones around..
I thought PT was the biggest around Very Big Grin Smilie
PT may not be the biggest, but it is the best.
It is THE site!!!! The only really worth coming every day!!!
ditto Eryan. 1374 members. WOW Super Wow Smilie
I agree! Maybe it`s just me, but this is the only serious Tolkien site, where I can meet ppl that actually cares about his lifework and his wonderful and genious mind...

My experience with other tolkien sites is that they are focusing on the movie FotR, and not at any of the other books that Tolkien wrote...
And it`s usually the actors they tell about, wich is great for them, but we don`t get to know the man behind the books...know what I mean?

Anyway, I think this site is great and I`m gonna spend a lot time in here and at the chat-channel..not too much though, I`ve got schoolwork and stuff to do... Read Smilie

Well...yup...Elf Winking Smilie

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I've qot a question.. when I first joined here it said I was member someting like 75 or something.. I know that cant be right as the site is much older than that... was it just in an inbetween stage where you were still fixing some bugs in that... I think you moved the site or something around december, so maybe it was just couting from then, even though there were many others that were already members.. maybe it was 170.. cant remember.. I know i was under 200... but that cant be right!!!!

I's just curious! :P
Maybe that was Site members Vs. Forum members? and now you only have site members.. no more designation between the two??????
good question Gimli. I was like #1242 or some such number.
I don't know the how-maniest member I was, but I joined loads of versions ago ( Winking Smilie ). Maybe it would be handy to have a member list of the forum members seperated from the overall member list... Cool Smilie
That would be why you are a posting freak then! Tongue SmilieP
I was born a posting freak. Tongue Smilie
Yes this is a great site. Wink Smilie

I'm a posting freak too, but definitely not as much as I used to be. Big Smile Smilie
Silmarill, if you are truely a posting freak, then you are really restraining yourself. Only 24 post in 11 days? Tommy does that in an hour. and I do that in a day sometimes. There are times it takes longer. Don't make make a statement like that unless you are ready to back it up. lol But they have to all be on topic. lol
But they have to all be on topic. lol

Oh yeah, and a little more than just. "Yeah, I agree." would be nice sometimes as well. ;

From the original PT posting freak, who has calmed down somewhat these days.
Planet-Tolkien is very old however over the years throughout our many upgrades we have deleted our member base so the one your currently seeing is only relative to our latest engine/design. As far as seperating our members to forum and site, this currently isn't possible and I have no plans to implement such a page, maybe in the near future.
Well Plastic I do try to stay on topic. Even though it does not always work. I do have to admit though I do use the "I agree" statement on occassion, but I aslo tend to be a bit long winded on occassion too.

I will try to do better, just for you Plastic. Hehehheee.
Mellie, I was not referring to you specifically, she who I was referring to knows exactly who she is, and that I'm just trying to wind her up again. I've found that your long posts more than make up for any short and pointless posts that you may or may not have made. It's only occassionally that I get into a bit of a fluff after having to load every topic on a board to read the new postBody, only to find that they all only contain one smiley, or possibly a "Yes, very much so". Though I'm sure you feel the same when this happens. Smile Smilie
MelliotSandybanks, I've been a member of other boards for the past 2 years and I post a lot on those boards. I have definitely calmed down since I first started this kind of thing. Wink Smilie

I'm a 'newbie' as far as this site is concerned and it will take a bit of time to get to know people. Then you'll see me post more often. Cool Smilie
Awww Plastic, you are so sweet to me.
Yeah, I dunno what's got into me lately...
Very Big Grin Smilie

Me again! Popping in when least expected. Cos if you expect the unexpected then it isn't unexpected, right? (think that was said somewhere in Discworld)

Tongue Smilie Anyway, yes I know you were probably talking about me Plastic, but don't think I care. Tongue Smilie

Only 24 posts in an hour? Who do you think I am? Tongue Smilie I have a lot to catch up with, now I can only be here in the weekends, so it's gonna be more today! Big Smile Smilie

*sob* Nothing happened. And I broke 2000 posts. Thought at least something would happen. But I'm still a steward. (what the ? happened there? must check those user rank threads) Very Sad Smilie

Anyway, what were you guys talking about again? Big Laugh Smilie
ditto's gimli! this IS the best site around!
I don't know any site off the top of my head that's better than pt. And I did a bit of research, and guess what: PT is the best site around! Dunce Smilie (well, for me it is anyway)

"You're simply the best!
Better than all the rest!
Better than anyone!
Anyone I have ever met!
I'm stuck on your heart
I hang on every word you say
Tear us apart
Baby I would rather be dead."

To Taz, the Council and everyone around PT with a huge hug!

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posting freaks... hmmm I am WAY ahead of you people if you add up my posts at all the sites I go to... I'd be over umm 9,000 I think! I have over 8,000 at torc alone...

talk about having no life.. Very Sad Smilie
Don't feel bad, I have no life either, it's sad but true.... Sad Smilie
I do like this site alot, and always I check in here once a day, even if I don't log in. I especially like the Forum, fun fun fun! Big Smile Smilie
My posting has slowed down a quite a bit, the last few months; however, I am hoping it will pick up again this week, as I have really missed everyone at PT lately. I am feeling a bit better and would like to thank to everyone for all the emails, and PM's that I have received. They have really cheered me up while I was not up to my normal activities. This is the best site on the web, and I have really missed being here with all of you.

PT is a fabulous place Big Smile Smilie

I wish I had the time to stop in more often...I miss you folks...
Guess I need to catch up! I've only posted about...8 times? Ack! Very Mad Smilie Well, this site's awesomeness is magnified by its ability to totally rule. Just wanted to say that (good thread title...).
Why did not the eagles take the ring to mount doom as this would have made it easier for all concerned

Welcome to PT Recluse!


Tolkien was writing an epic, and in an epic nothing is solved quickly or in a comic book fashion.  The hero in the epic story must somehow conquer against overwhelming odds and his triumph must have meaning for us or the telling is wasted. 

Within the tale itself, Tolkien gave us to understand that the eagles were good but were not overly friendly with other races.  They had little to do with anyone outside themselves unless they believed all Middle Earth threatened, or unless someone like Gandalf intervened.  Gwaihir saved Gandalf from Orthanc because he had been Gandalf's friend.  But the Eagle Lord would not do Gandalf's work for him, nor would he risk his people in battle unless it was the last chance of saving everything they held dear.  So in the Tale of the Ring, the eagles show up very seldom, and as a force only in the last battle before the Morannon.  Afterward, it is only at the request of Gandalf that they go to rescue Frodo and Sam.  Also consider that the Great Eagles were sacred to Manwe.  They were his eyes, so to speak, in Middle Earth.  But they would not interfere in the free choices of the other peoples any more than Manwe himself would.

So a shortcut ending with the eagles taking the Ring to Mount Doom was out of the question both because of what an epic is and because of how Tolkien had developed the eagles in the story.


Greetings to one and all and thank you re the info ref the eagles

Always knew the the old posts would come in handy.

This is from the Tolkien Trivia quiz

Why didn't Gandalf and Frodo simply fly the Ring to the fires of Orodruin?
Did Tolkien discuss this in LOTR?

Only reasons I can think of are

1. Being spotted by the Great Eye
2. Attacked by Nazgul interceptors
3.Skies over Mordor too toxic at the time
4. Eagles on vacation
or best of all
5. If successful, LOTR would be much, much shorter
Those are all good answers, Gwindor's turn.
2. Attacked by Nazgul interceptors
3.Skies over Mordor too toxic at the time
4. Eagles on vacation

Pretty cool answers Gwindor! Gave me a good laugh!Nazgul interceptors!!! Orc Grinning Smilie



Nice to know my humble efforts are appreciated. Should also have added - eagles at aeronautical conference.




Nobody bothered to ask them!