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No you don't have to unless you find a nick which is already NOT registered and you wish to register it yourself. By registering it yourself it obviously has the same effect for anyone trying to use the nick you have registered as to what happens to you when using Saruman, due to this being registered already by another user. If you use a nick and it is not registered you can continue to use it as is, but don't be suprised if one day you log in and it comes up registered because someone else has got there first Mad Smilie

To register your nickname in the chat room please type the following command changing the variables (words begining with a $ symbol as suits) including the begining / < slash.


You should then get a postBody from 'Nickserv' confirming the registration including information on your new memoserv box or an error postBody letting you know what was missing / you did wrong.
Thanks for the info Taz
On one hand it is nice to have a registered nick, so nobody can be you. On the other hand, it is a pain to put in your password within 60 secs of logging in. If you forget, you bocome a nobody. Dead Smilie
Very true Nell. I have learned when I have to re-connect that I go in and do the
/msg NickServ ID Password, in the bar, then go into the chat room with my nick, and quickly hit enter on the /msg ...... thingy so that I won't forget and become a nobody. If I do it the other way around, I get to talking to people and then forget to identify myself. lol
My nick is registred and I never get a time limit to write my password, it just says

-NickServ- This nick belongs to another user. Please change nicks
-NickServ- If this is your nick please try: /msg NickServ ID password

So I can chat without writing my password..
While waiting to get into chat before those postBodys are shown I type: "/ ns id password" less the quote marks and password is replaced by my unique alpha-numeric password. Then when the postBodys finally appear about my nick, I press the enter key and start typing my greetz. This gives me something to do while I'm waiting and doesn't make the others wait to see if I'm there or not.

Of course every now and then I find I can't typeanything to the input box and have to start all over. That happened Sunday and is so frustrating.
-NickServ- This nick belongs to another user. Please change nicks
-NickServ- If this is your nick please try: /msg NickServ ID password
Whether or not a time limit (of your choice) is imposed depends on your server. If you use DalNet, for example, the default time limit is 60 seconds, but can be set anywhere up to 120. SorceryNet servers don't impose a time limit. I always use port 9000 of Never lets me down.
Can you help me out please someone? This /msg stuff i get (kinda) but where d'ya type it?
You type it in the input box at the bottom below the chat window. Assuming you have already clicked on chat, clicked yes, chosen Tolkien, and entered your Nick Name before you clicked Connect Now. Meanwhile you should be seeing the conversation of the others appearing in the chat window while it waits for your input.