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On my computer, a dialogue box pops up and you have to click yes, then a place to type in your name appears in the white box that you had. Then click enter and you're in Smile Smilie If you're not getting the dialogue box, that might be part of the problem (unless that's just a thing that only my computer does).
Can you tell me what operating system you are using? If it is a recent Microsoft product like XP, you may have to enable Java under your Internet option settings. (The chat room runs on Java.)
Welcome to our forum Ghan-buri-Ghan. Happy Elf Smilie

Right as that blue screen area shows up the java applet thingy should come up (first time you chat since your machine has been turned on) and you have to answer "yes" to install it or else you get to look at the blue area for the duration. I know speaking from experience as the first time I thought it was a 'pop-up ad' and clicked "no". I had to reboot the computer in order to get it back.

Even I got kicked out of Chat last night something went wrong with my java applet and I couldn't get back in. So I went and did something productive, like getting ready to face the big red fire breathing dragon in Tomb Raider II.

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Thanks for your help evryone! I think I know how to do it now! Big Smile Smilie