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Directly into the Guide Project, faramir.

1) Open the Guide Project from the menu on the left.
2) Check in the index that the term is not already in there.
3) If you have a new term to add, select Add Terms. This will open up a page in which you enter the name of your term, and in the larger box below it, the definition.
4) Once you are satisfied with your work, click Add Information.

Your submission will then be sent to us and will be checked for accuracy etc. I try to make each submission as complete as possible (which is why some of the main characters are still missing as their definitions take a lot of writing.)

If you check the terms already in there, you should notice that most of them follow a set format at the start. We have been doing them in this way to try to keep them as uniform as possible. Could you please attempt to follow a similar structure as it will save me a lot of time.

Once they have been checked, and in some cases edited or added to, we post them into the Guide with the other subjects.

As you can see the Guide is far from complete so any help would be appreciated.