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Yes that is a great site Darous. I've had it in my favourites for ages. Cool Smilie
Oooh Oooh Oooh, I'm a ranger. Smoke Smilie
Well I am a dwarflin good to meet ya. Tongue Smilie
yes that isan Excellent site, Darous.

Peredhil, i like your new Avatar. and congrats on becoming a ranger.
Thanx Mellie. Congrats to you too on becoming a steward. Big Smile Smilie
Tongue Smilie Thanks hun. I appreciate it.
I tried to get that site up on my screen and it doesn`t work! Sad Smilie I really wanted to go on tha site..... Very Sad Smilie
Sheryl: Try this one Happy Elf Smilie
That one worked for me Grondy. Thanks.
I love that site and I sometimes use it for a quick reference, but I have noticed from time to time that a few things are inacurate. I don't have any examples for ya but if you catch something that's wrong just email the webmaster and they are usually good about correcting it.
Wink Smilie

I too, use that site a lot. So far, the things that I have looked up have all been correct. Thanks for letting us know about the possible mistakes and that the webmaster is good about fixing them. That is always important to know.

Welcome to our little site. It is always nice to see new face around here. I hope you enjoy your stay here as much I do.

Sheryl: Try this one Happy Elf Smilie

I tried that and it worked! Thanks.