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Thread: Chat Problems... I think a lot of us are having 'em

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O, and I'm getting off now, so if anyone finds a solution or something, send me a note...thanks!
Hi Andrea, The problem is with the Java Applet chat that the PT chat link uses. Hopefully this is only temporary. There have been an number of people who have made it in tonight so we are making progress. rPeople who use mIRC for chatting are not experiencing any problems at the moment. If you wish, you can download mIRC from Enter as your server and #tolkien as the channel and you will be in the chatroom. Hope this is of some help to you.
Ok, I got it to work now, thanks!
maybe I was just special.. I had the same problem.. but it was about 2 months ago!!

oh well.. fixed for me now. besides, I use trillian most of the time anyways... anyone also using that program can get into the chat..
I,m having the same problem Rhodry, it keeps telling me that my host name cannot be found and to log in on irc, server or something like that, when I do the whole lot just seems to close down. HELP!! I,m gertting withdrawal symptoms, I couldnt log in yesterday or today Big Smile Smilie
Yes, it appears the applet for the chatroom is acting up again just like last week. I don't know what that means other than we can't get there from here. After I couldn't get in to lead Bilbos-Study last week I finally followed Rednell's advice (posted a few slots above this) and signed up for mIRC and now I can get into the #Tolkien and #Bilbos-Study chat rooms without worrying about the applet. Happy Elf Smilie
All sorted now.
Yeah I am glad it is all fixed! Yipeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

Taz is amazing.
He sure is!! Go Fluffy!!! Orc Grinning Smilie
Just so you know, it wasn't something I left because I was busy, the problem is actually quite random and is not going to be fixed for ever as it doesn't lye with us. So just so you know not to be suprised if you go into the chat room next week and you can't get in. Don't shout at me! It's not our server.
Seems to be working fine today Smile Smilie
Thats O.K,Taz,will live without the chat room,its not the best thing about this site anyways. Juggling Smilie
~~~ Feawen~~~

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Yes, it seems to be working fine now 42. Come back to chat soon, we miss you there.

Mellie! U just left chat without saying hi! Sad Smilie Come back sometime soon please!
Sorry everyone. Dragon-Reach took over the computer via remote, with out telling me and just closed everything on it. I only got it back just a bit ago.
I am having some seriouse problems with chat, I have been trying about ever single day several times, if some one can help then that would be great, Im getting desprate.
Have you managed to get into the chatroom before, LadyF, and are now finding you cannot, or have you never been able to get in?

Also, have you ran through the other "Chatroom problem" threads in this section and the help section? The odds are someone else has probably already discussed the same problems you are encountering, and have possibly been given the solution in the same thread.

If these threads do not help you, post your symptoms (ie precisely what happens) when you attempt to enter the chat room. There are several reasons why you may not be able to get in, but without a desription, your problem cannot be pinpointed.
Yeah ... Im having them too ... It won't let me donwload the chats and I really want to talk to members because I'm new and all. So I really hope I'll be able to chat with you guys and get to know ya all better.So if any of ya have any suggestions ... send me a postBody. thx
I've only managed to get into the chat room once or twice and it worked. now i've been trying to get in but it always says "unable to connect server". Sad Smilie any other chat works though. Suggestions?
Hi Neflainwen,
Welcome to PT. I would love to talk with you in the chatroom too.
There seems to be a problem with the PT Chat Applet (the Chat link from the site). I have been trying to get in through it since yesterday morning with no luck.

If you have mIRC downloaded ( select SorceryNet as your server and #tolkien as the channel. That will take you into the chatroom.

I have sent an e-mail to Taz and hopefully he can track down the problem.
Kechera one of the chat networks servers is down and won't be up until tomorrow, at latest morning after.

Keep on trying though, once the server is back up you will be able to login, until then you will be issued with Client postAuthorIDisation errors.

Sorry all.
I have only been able to connet to the chat from PT twice since I've been back. I tried to download mIRC but I get confused, and SorceryNet random or something just confuses me more. I have tried from multiple computers, and even downloaded mIRC onto those, but still no luck.
It is kinda good, because I am catching up on the posts. I'll keep trying, and maybe if someone would, once again, explain the mIRC download process I would have luck with that.

I have only been able to connet to the chat from PT twice since I've been back. I tried to download mIRC but I get confused, and SorceryNet random or something just confuses me more.

Part of your problem may be that we are no longer using SorceryNet Random Server as our server.
On the tool bar of miRC, click on View, then Options. Select Connect and then Server, which is a drop down menu. Select DarkMyst Random Server as your serve, then click on "Connect to Server. The channel you want it #tolkien and voila, you are in.
Is chat down tonight or something? I can't get in....
Not that I know of LadyF. There have been several of us in all evening. Unless the problem is with the Java Applet. mIRC is working fine.
I think it is just my bad connection Red,I keep timeing out.