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Pary Smilie Yes well done Council! Pary Smilie
You've worked hard and now it has paid of! You should be proud of yourselves! Let's celebrate!!
Birthday Smilie Juggling Smilie Alcoholic Smilie a family-friendly, non-alcoholic way of course.
Ah, nice! That is truly a good reputation for Planet Tolkien! I'm proud to be a member of this site. Well done!
**** ***** and ***** the **** **** me **** **** what a surprise, well done us Wink Smilie

(The above makes no sense, it is random starring, do not attempt to make sense of it as there is none, just a bad joke, that I couldn't resist.)
Are we good or what? Big Smile Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie

As we don't like single smiley posts, I'd better add something...... Way to go, Taz. Okay, there's praise for the council in the above posts, but we've been working to your morals and guidelines.

Whatever, we've created something that's been recognised for we've set out to be... a site friendly to all age groups. Something that sadly seems rare these days.

Thankyou, every member who has helped us create this site.
Ideed Val, a big thanks to the members also!
Oh woaw! This is great news!
A big congratulations to Taz and the council!

And the more commercial this site gets, the more family-friendly members will come here, contributing with intelligent questions and meaningful answers. Big Smile Smilie
Love this place! In Love Smilie
(late as usual)My humble but big thanks to the council and the fantastic Taz! Pary Smilie Dunce SmilierrI say this is indeed a great example of how hard the council has worked and is still working on this site, and to show that the new rules were not only necessary, but also have effect. Well done everyone! Cool Smilie Elk Grinning Smilie
I As Val said, the Council has only been trying to fulfill Taz' dream. He is the craftsman, we are but his willing tools. Elk Grinning Smilie
Way to go PT! I am extremly proud to be part of this website and am glad that we are reconized as what we are: a safe, intelligent place for people to be.
I As Val said, the Council has only been trying to fulfill Taz' dream. He is the craftsman, we are but his willing tools. Elk Grinning Smilie

Quite true, well done Taz and the Council!
Birthday Smile Smilie Pary Smilie I
I would like to say well-done, PT council! But bearing to the fact that I wanna have a piece of glory to myself and to be discreet, I would also like to say that we all PT members did our part in it too. Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie

Heheh...that was well-done ain't? Well...just to add an important note is that without the PT council to *ahem* edit our works on the forums, it could be havoc. So once again a big thanks to you guys and us, Tongue Smilie too!