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As many of you have noticed, when the forum was transferred to the new site the first post from each thread was lost in transit. In some cases the order of the posts have become jumbled too.

We are slowly retrieving many of the lost opening posts, but as we cannot post them directly at the top of the relevant thread, it has necessitated us editing them directly into what was the second post. Bearing this in mind, some of you might find one of your posts at the top of a thread has become host to someone else's post too. If you find this to be the case, can you be very careful not to edit the post as there is a danger you will lose the data. Transferring the data is a slow process which we are trying to accomplish for the benefit of everyone.

Thank you.

Stupid question: how can you edit one of your own posts? If we still can. Can't find it under the help section. Sorry. Still haven't quite found my way around here, haven't been around often enough.
Hey Tommie Smile Smilie

When you are logged in, look down in the right corner it of your post, there is says Edit Post and Delete Post. Smile Smilie
I know. Now it does. At them time when I posted the above post, it wasn't there. Thanks anyway! Big Smile Smilie
Ahh yes the computer works in mysterious ways.... Very Mad Smilie
Very, very , VERY mysterious ways!! Exploding Head Smilie
Indeed it does... One minute you're inconspiciously surfing the web, the next minute you are offline and feeling a little Exploding Head Smilie . Happened to me just now. So Angry Smilie