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Hello Members,

Over the next couple of weeks there are to be lots of new features being introduced into, which I believe is great news Smile Smilie To start this off you have one already! Underneath 'Your Account' you will see a new link titled 'Buddy List', that's the new feature!

Over the years lots of you have commented on how cumbersum it is to try and send a message when scrolling through the entire members list, I agree. One great thing about the Buddy List is it allows you to store all your friends in an addressbook fashion; from here you can see when they are online, when they last logged in and send them a message directly whilst missing out that huge drop down box we all hate.

I hope you enjoy Smile Smilie

i am enjoying it a lot! Thank you Tazzy! Big Smile Smilie
Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

Yay Taz!

You're doin' grand, pet! Wink Smilie

BuddyButton... Fab!!
That's BuddyButton(tm) to you! And I get any royalties which I shall, of course, share with Taz.

I like it! Thumbs Up Smilie

And of course looking forward to any other new features, because I'm sure they will be great! Big Smile Smilie
Wonderful idea, Taz. Thank you. Smile Smilie