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Council Members had a meeting on Monday evening to discuss consistency in moderating and issues surrounding locked threads.
We acknowledge some inconsistencies in moderating and promise to exercise more diligence. The Family Friendly designation has criteria that applies to the site and must be followed by all members, including those on Council.

We have adopted a policy for locking threads. When a CM chooses to lock a
thread, an explanation will be given with a link to the email address:
Council Any member may send an objection and a reason as to why they feel the thread should be unlocked. Council will discuss it and render a decision. Often a thread is locked as a temporary measure to address a problem with the direction the thread discussion is taking. It s not ’written in stone’ when a thread is locked, these decisions can be reversed.
Stay tuned for more updates from your Planet-Tolkien Council.

This thread will be locked and topped so Council can continue to add updates. If there are too many replys it will become difficult to keep the updates clearly visible.
The above link is broken, so merely send your objection and reasonings to
Check out the latest Council Member bios! Now you know who we are - apart from Elfstone whose bio will go up in the not too distant future.
The bios can be found under Miscellaneous - The council in the left hand menu.
<---- over there. Wink Smilie
The interview with Grep can be found over there on the Council News Page.