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I'm sure you've all noticed the new polling booth, we'll be having a weekly poll from now on, (the current poll will end on the 27th December). Please send any poll suggestions to the council and VOTE GRONDY!
So, the perpertrator of the Grondy Wizard party shows himself!

OK, everyone, who did you vote for and why? Come on, we have support for the Grondy faction; what about Saruman and Gandalf, not to mention Radagast. I said not to mention him!

I do not pretend to understand why we are voting for our favorite wizard, nor why an evil wizard should be put on par with a good wizard, nor why (seemingly) a member's name is competing with characters from fiction. I voted for my namesake, Gandalf, because of his part in LOTR. Some of the names I was not familiar with, so they may need an introduction from someone. But really, how would we justify voting for Saruman? And how are we preventing the members from voting multiple times for their favorite, thus unfairly weighting the poll results? Perhaps I am naive in asking these questions, but perhaps others might like to know as well.
Radagast the Brown is mentioned in LotR and Pallando and Alatar are the Blue Wizards who went east (I think) and were never heard of again.

I think you can only vote once. Now I have voted the Poll no longer gives me the opportunity.

Vote Grondy! It is a bit of fun. We all need a bit of fun sometimes.
Firstly the members of the council requested a poll function for the site, which i was happy to provide. Secondly, not having a serious purpose for the poll right now i thought a fun poll might be good, favorite wizard was quite an easy one and grew from a recent discussion pondering the idea that there may or may not be ranks among the wizards of middle earth.

Grondy is one of the sites council members and very learned member of the community and was included in the poll for a bit of fun much like admin cowboyneal often features in their site polls. It's also not about good or evil mearly which one you like the best.

I'm sure Elrose, Miruvor or Grondy will provide a link to a good discussion on Pallando and Alatar and as far as the voting goes the Polling sofware logs your IP address (the unique address of your computer on the internet) to prevent you voting multiple times - this techniqe is not fool proof and is ineffective for people on dial up connections whose ISP's use DCHP servers but we didn't design the internet with this kind of thing in mind.

And Vee is Right... It's Fun! I'm working on a Vee themed poll right now infact.
why me? now i feel presured to...hmmmm....
*use the fancy "search button"* hmmm ok.... cpu's slooooow

almost loaded.....

this might work but who knows....i think Grondy will get that one that i was looking for...
It's true you can only vote once, Gandalf. And I loooooooove the poll!So many ppl like Grondy maybe the Valar should think about throwing him back to Midlle-Earth to advise the King against some random dark lord who has just risen again ( who might that be??)
D*mn! There goes my new plan for world domination. Bless you, Cloveress!
what happens when it ends what happens? does it just end and start a new one or is there going to be the winner put on the main menu for us to see?
There are no winners and losers, just favorites. Sometimes there are archives of old polls, but I don't know if that will be the case here.

In keeping with good sportsmanship I voted for Gandalf because he is my idea of a good wiz, while I'm quite mediocre, in fact I'm a squib. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Why Grondy! Is this your Christmas present to me? Or is it just loyalty to Tolkien? At any rate, I think that is well done! I wish I could do something for you also...Hmmm. I'll have to think. Take a raincheck, Grondy. But I WILL think of something.... Merry Christmas!
Who's the one making up the polls anyways?
I'm working on a Vee themed poll right now infact.

Now I see how King Kong figured in there.
Yepper, I thought we'd get it out the way while the movie is still fresh in people's minds. I'll spring the Vee poll on you at some point. There's a thread in the council fourms for possible polls. The first two were by me, next weeks is by Grondy.
Who's the one making up the polls anyways?

That's decided by a poll.