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Ive only just noticed it, i like this idea, but what is the comment function for? there are alot of 0's in the lists, what is that? Can you read the comments from other people? Sorry for all the questions, im very inquisitive today :orcsmile: Orc Grinning Smilie
The comments section is so that you may add your comments. I would imagine any comments would be visible for all to see, so please keep them family friendly.

I think the column of zeros is a reminder of when we had hit counters on each of the stories. Having writen some of them myself, I liked to see how wide an audience my stories were reaching, but unfortunately the new program Grep has used to support the fan fiction section does not support hit counters.
Sorry folks. We can't leave comments yet. But it will come eventually when Grep gets it to work the way he wants it to.