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Congratulations to Eruwen on her graduation! Three Cheers! Hip Hip...
Hurraaaa!!! Oh wait, English. Hurraah!! Pary Smilie
Hip Hip Hurray.
Congrats Eruwen Dunce Smilie
Awww...shucks. Thanks guys. Elf Smilie
"Congradulations" I think Virumor meant, which I echo. Well done, and enjoy.
Way to go Eruwen!!! Now do you have to get a job or are you going for a higher degree? Hopefully you can take at least a week for a fun vacation.
Oh I'm late aren't I? pooey...i can just feel all you adults glaring at me like Marilla Cuthbert glaring at Anne Shirley... Oh there's one kind face. I am infinitely sorry for my late arrival (though if you think about it, it's not like I was invited), and though it is rather delayed, I would like to give you one last HUMONGOUS congrats on graduating. It's always a big deal when you leave your dreary old university behind, or so I'm told by those older and wiser than me. ENJOY YOUR VACATION (I would wish that you enjoy your vacation half as much as I'm enjoying mine, but upon another thought, I decided it better to wish you a vacation TWICE as enjoyable as mine right now)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, Cloveress, you shouldn't feel too bad, as I am about to beat your record by nearly a month...
Just wanted to pitch in my congratulations, and beg for any helpful tidbits you might be able to throw at me- I start at Brigham Young University this fall! Hope everything is going well for you, and congratulations, again!
Might be a bit late for most people, but hopefully not too late for Eruwen three times Hurraah!!
yay for Eruwen!!!!!!!!! enjoy your triumph!!!!
See you all in 40 years in Eruwen's retirement thread.
Ooo...retirement...I can't wait! Wink Smilie
Well, that's one wish I'll be early in wishing.