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I put this under wesbsite news, as it is a very bad sort of news, for me anyway.

Steve Irwin (famous animal handler from Australia) died this morning (4th Sept 2006) while out on a diving expedition out on Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, killed by a stingray Orc Sad Smilie

I really liked him, his shows; The Crocodile Hunter etc, he was so animated when doing his work, his humour was so quick when nearly being bitten by deadly snakes, always up for making it look great.

This is indeed very sad, and i only hope that his family can cope with this in the best possible way. I give my condolences to them.

May you rest in peace Steve, Goodbye
Indeed, RIP, but if you would make a RIP thread for every person that died on this day, or any other day, this forum wouldn't be able to contain them all.

Unfortunately, this is how this sick little world has turned, turns and will continue turning.
of course that wouldnt be possible i dont make loadsa threads about RIPs anyway, this is the only one, but i just felt that i should say something, as i loved to watch him, one of my favourites, i dont know all the people that died on this day, but he was a good man, so im sorry if i felt that something needed to be said
I must be honest and say that I couldn't stand that guy. I was cheering for the snakes and bugs and lizards and hoped they would bite him. I didn't want him to die though, just to calm down a bit. He did have a wife and children to think about. Considering the way he lived his life and the risks he took, it was only a matter of time before something would go wrong.

Rest in peace doesn't suit him. Rest with iguanas and scorpions, Steve. He'll be happy forever then.
How so horrible of you sis!! But I approve.
Orc Sad Smilie Alas.. i too heard the news on the radio today.. I loved to watch Steve work..but it wasnt work for was enjoyment.. I watched him since i was a toddler.. And being Australian like Steve, im even sadder to see this happen.. Orc Sad Smilie He was always helping animals (ok..sometimes he just irritated them Orc Smiling Smilie ) and stuff.. Indeed..the only thing that i can say bad about him is that he should have thought more about his wife and kid(s)..

Yes..I bet if we all wished Steve to Rest In Peace, he'd say "Crikey!!" Orc Grinning Smilie and roll in his grave.. So i wish him a R.I.A. Rest In Adventure!! Running around with the biggest & most poisonous crock's, spiders,scorpions,komodo's and the rest.. I'll sure bloody miss you Crocodile Dundee.. Orc Sad Smilie
About Steve,... "Rest In Adventure"....cheers to you for having thought of this!! I'm a nature & animal lover/animal rights/conservationist. I think he was amazing- really knew his stuff !! Not an actor playing it up for the camera, like some of these tv shows. My heart goes out to his loved ones and fans.The animal world has suffered a GREAT loss.-Aragorn's Lady
He lost my enthusiasm when he went into the crocodile pond carrying his three month old son. That was just plain stupid; I didn't mind so much when he was risking his own life, but risking that of an Innocent baby was beyond the pale. May the little nippers not chase him where ever he may be; in other words may he rest in peace.
Tsk, de mortuis nil nisi bene.
I was saddened to hear of Steve's untimely demise...

The guy annoyed me at times, but he was still funny and not a bad guy (apart from what Grondy said about taking his baby into the croc enclosure - though he probably knew that the crocs were feeling lazy and well fed at the time).

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

R.I.A. Steve!
Steve Irwin did a lot of good thing considering the animals and most of all in my opinion he brought the happiness and knowledge of different and strange animals out to the people around the world .Yes, he was a crazy man and very enthusiastic, at least that was what the media showed us ..and maybe it was destiny what happened .but again I like to think he died at work doing what he loved the most
Rest peaceful with the animalsHappy Elf Smilie
I feel so sorry for his wife! Poor woman, bereft of such an adventurous husband. Steve was only 44! His death had such great impact on the people at my school. Everyone has RIP Steve Irwin or RIP Croc Hunter on their MSN names...

Oh, I am so bad at expressing grief, but I do grieve right now. Irwin was a master who played along with nature so artfully. Prayers to him, and his family.
i agree, Rest in Adventure Steve, it was such a strange way to die, you see Stingrays as nearly harmless, if you asked someone 'how did you think that Steve Irwin died???' they would probably answer, 'bitten by a croc' or 'bitten by a snake', he wasnt actually doing anything extremely dangerous like his usual work. I dont think anyone would think that diving with rays would be harmful
You can have fun with manta rays, but sting rays aren't all that sociable; especially if you accidentally tread on them.
Stingrays are pretty docile and usuallay harmless, only 2-3 death in 60 years I think. Thus is was that you cannot say it was really Steve's fault, it was simply a freak accident, there is no way he, or anyone else, could have seen it coming.

People who say 'It was only a matter of time...' - I think your wrong. He was already 44 and I would bet had this not have happened he probably would have lived to a ripe old age. He has had many other close encounters and posisonous bites but has overcome all of them. However becuase this was an 8" sting directly to the heart there is no way he could have survived.
It is probably that "less-than-dangerous" image of the stingray that was his downfall. With other dangerous animals he would have been exerting a great sense of awareness for the animal incase it did attack. With the ray, he was probably more relaxed, and literally did not anticipate the attack.

I think a lot of what Irwin did was play to the camera, but there is no doubt that he did have a special ability concerning animals.... whether it was an empathy with them or just a deep knowledge he had gained from being around them so much. It is difficult to explain in words, but when you are around something enough, you kind of learn how not to get attacked. This is something I found myself when I used to be a fisherman. When fishing for shrimps we used to get hundreds of crabs in the catch, and these used to finish up on top of the riddles that we were using to sort the catch out. These are usually aggressive, snappy little blighters, but I found I could just scoop up handfulls of them, and walk them over to the side of the boat without ever getting nipped. I see other fishermen doing the same when I board their boats now days. I used to do this daily fo years on end, but never once got nipped. I think Irwin was the same with his crocs and snakes.
It is difficult to explain in words, but when you are around something enough, you kind of learn how not to get attacked.

I believe every married man should be very much aware of this feeling... mostly.
When you sday 'Play to the camera', I must misunderstand you. The Steve Irwin you saw was the Steve Irwin that was. To prove it there are many reams of backstage footage with some guy holding a camera off set and it was set to play when nobody thought it was. You saw Steve behave to the other guys exactly how he usually behaved to the camera.
I respected and loved Steve very much. The work he did for conservation was just outstanding and he brought such a childlike sweetness and acceptance of all creatures to his work that even I have grown to like snakes and worry over crocodiles.
I listened carefully to those who knew him really well speak of Steve and they said he was the same always, full of energy and passion, childlike trust and love of all people. I still have pain when I think of him or see little Bindi Sue , so much like him in appearance and expressions, talk about the wildlife and her love of creatures.
I shall miss him very much.
My brother and I used to watch Steve Irwin's show every day. Now, its just too sad.
His daughter has really taken up her father's spirit and love for animals, which is wonderful.

Animal Planet will never be the same without you, Steve.
We all miss you!
Anna Nicole Smith passed away a week back or so.... God bless her soul
Anna Nicole Smith passed away a week back or so.... God bless her soul

Please! Can't we leave this to the Anything-but-the-Important-News Media? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

I was tired of hearing about her when she was alive; I'm tired of hearing about her death. All she did was have a bunny tail and marry a member of OIR*

ld (very), Ill (quite), and Rich (filthy)
To me the death of each and every person is momentous. That person was a babe once, bursting with possibilities and life has a way of taking all that and destroying much of it and the result is so unlike the promises as to be staggering.
I felt badly for her and for her son. But it is all too late now to go back and start over again.