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I seem to be havin major problems...the site seem to be almost disabled. Hope it gets better soon.
There was a slight hiccough over the weekend and Grep was unable to get hold of any support staff to sort it so it had to wait until today. Everything is back to normal, nothing to see so move along please....

Super Wow Smilie

If you are still having problems then let us know.
wow, did I freak out or what??? Orc Smiling Smilie So, didn't anyone pay any bills or something, pity that only the onwer could pay, if that's what the problem was........... anyway, I can relax now Orc Smiling Smilie
Wow, my favorite site is BACK! Awesome! I see my friend Loss as already jumped on board.LOL Big Smile Smilie
I want my 40 pieces of mithril.
I believe it is 20 pieces Orc Smiling Smilie

Hey AL, of course I'm back, where did you think i'd be??? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
It has been gone 2 days, so 40 pieces. Wink Smilie
I beg to differ, you couldn't login during the 'blackout', so you dont get 40, you needed to login on everyday to get it
Yo, GlidyPops! Just think of your 40 pieces of mithril as a lost cause. Mad Smilie

If it had been simply non-payment then it could have been resolved immediately but unfortunately that was not the case. It was more of an 'administrative error' requiring support staff assistance which was not available over the weekend.
Fine, I'll stick with my 14591 pieces then. Wink Smilie
aaah I see, well, hope can only be held that it doesn't happen again, although I got my 20 pieces today, so I'm happy Elf Winking Smilie
Ah, very good, I'm glad the problem was sorted out.
So shocking time is over! We don't have to wander mile after mile or wathing endless boring programs on the TV, but I wonder Vee, who did the rescue job; will it be a new movie? If so, I hope it will be without Tom Cruise! Any road it's good to be back!! Angel Smilie Happy Elf Smilie
Glad that not everybody moved to Tolkienforums... (yet).
You've really got it in for them haven't you Virumer....

Anyway I hardly think that TF can compare in members to PT.
Awww....this sounds so sweet coming from our autocratic shadow-loving Lord of All...But yeah, I do agree with you, ever since I joined PT, I haven't even looked at other Tolkien sites, so it is no surprise that I don't even know what TF is...
The Wikipedia list of acronyms gives the following for 'TF' :

TF French Southern Territories (ISO country code, top level domain)
TF Tactical Fighter
TF Tactical Fusion
TF Tallulah Falls Railway Company
TF Target Finish
TF Task Force
TF Tax Foundation
TF Tax Free (finance)
TF Teaching Fellow (various universities)
TF Team Fortress (Quake 1)
TF Team Funnel (skydiving)
TF Technical Foul (basketball)
TF Tell Friends
TF Tempered Fury (Everquest Guild)
TF Temporum Felicitas (Latin: Happines of the Times, epigraphy)
TF Terminal File
TF Terminal Forecast
TF Terra Firma
TF Terra Fracta (gaming clan)
TF TerraForming
TF Terrain Following
TF Territorial Force
Tf Test Faulty
TF Test/Training Facility
TF The Fog (movie)
TF Thermal Fine
TF Thin Film
TF Thomson Financial
TF Tierra del Fuego (Argentina province)
TF Tight Frame
TF Till Forbidden
TF Time of Flight
TF Time Required to Fix
TF Timeframe
TF Tired Fanny
TF To Fill
TF To Follow
TF Toll Free
TF Top Front
TF Total Film
TF Total Forfeiture
TF Trace Filtering
TF Trace Flag
TF Track & Field
TF Traction Fuse
TF Trade Federation (Star Wars Episode I)
TF Training Film
TF Tranche Ferme (March’s Publics)
TF Transaction Format
TF Transfer Factor
TF Transfer Frame
TF Transferrin
TF Transformers (toy)
TF Transient Fault
TF Transit Facility
TF Transmission Factor (radiation exposure)
TF Transmission Fluid (automotive)
TF Trap Flag
TF Trotteur Francais (France)
TF True Friends
TF Tube Feeder/Feeding (medical; patient with a gastrostomy tube in place)
TF Tuition Fee
TF Turbofan
TF Twisted Flex
TF Two Fluid
TF Type of Funds (USACE)
Thank you for all the definitions of TF. I had already looked it up, as I always do with unknown words and abbreviations. But none of them really made sense, see? So, thank you anyways, Vir, but it's actually quite a useless source...Pity...I've known you to be a carrier of reliable information.
It makes perfectly sense : the French Southern Territories indeed cannot compare in members with PT... let alone Tierra del Fuego!
TF = Tolkien Forums, this is what we were talking about so I assumed that the abreviation TF would be understood...
I join in with those that are happy that PT is back Happy Elf Smilie
Yes, but what exactly is PT?!

Let's see :

PT Pacific Time
PT Part
PT Part Time
PT Patient
PT Physical Therapist
PT Physical Therapy
PT Physical Training
PT Point
PT Port
PT Portugal (Internet top level domain)
PT Prothrombin Time (test)
PT (USN Rating) Photographic Intelligenceman
PT Liquid Penetrant Testing (welding)
PT Pacific Telesis
PT Packaging and Transportation
PT Packed Tower
PT Page Table
PT Paint
PT Palatin Technologies, Inc (pharmaceuticals)
PT Panel Truck
PT Paper Towel
PT Parallel Telemetry
PT Parallel Time
PT Parent-Teacher
PT Park Tudor (High School)
PT Parti de Travailleurs (Workers' Party, Algeria)
PT Partido del Trabajo (Spanish: Workers' Party)
PT Partido dos Trabalhadores (Brazilian Worker's Party)
PT Passing Through
PT Pathology Technician
PT Patrol Torpedo
PT Patrol Torpedo Boat
PT Pattern Transfer (ITU-T)
PT Payload Transporter
PT Payload Type
PT Payment
PT Peace Team
PT Peak Torque
PT Peeping Tom
PT Peltotie (Finnish)
PT Pembroke Telephone (Georgia)
PT Penetrant Test
PT Penetration Test, Dye (NDE)
PT Penetration Testing
PT People Tree
PT Pepsi Twist
PT Perda Total (Brazilian Portuguese: total loss of a insured vehicle)
PT Performance Test
PT Periodic Table
PT Periodic Test
PT Permeability Transition (Mitochondria)
PT Perpetual Tourist
PT Perseroan Terbatas (Indonesian: Limited Liability Company)
PT Personal Time
PT Personal Trainer
PT Personal Training
PT Personal Transponder
PT Personal Transportation (Chrysler's PT Cruiser)
PT Personal Trooper (anime, Super Robot Wars)
PT Pharmacy Technician
PT Phase Transition
PT Phototransistor
PT Physics Today
PT Piezoelectric Transformer
PT Pistoia, Toscana (Italian province)
PT Plain Text
PT Plant Technicians
PT Platinum
PT Playing Time
PT Pleno Titulo
PT PLRS Terminal
PT Plymouth Truck
PT Point of Tangency
PT Pok’mon Trainer
PT Pokemon Treasures (game)
PT Poker Tracker (software program for online poker players)
PT Polar Tuberculoid (leprosy)
PT Policy Transactions (insurance)
PT Polymer Tip (bullet)
PT Ponto (Brazil)
PT Pop Tarts
PT Porcupine Tree (band)
PT Portal
PT Portugal Telecom
PT Positive Test
PT Posse Traction
PT Post Tensioning (construction)
PT Post- og Teletilsynet (Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority)
PT Posterior Tibial (pulse)
PT Potential Transformer
PT Potty Trained
PT Power Tiller
PT Power Train
PT Power Turbine
PT Praemisso Titulo (Latin: mention before the title)
PT Pre-Trial
PT Pregnant Teenager
PT Preliminary Training (for ACGs)
PT Prequel Trilogy (Star Wars)
PT Present Time (Scientology)
PT President Thai (Pasadena, California restaurant)
PT Pressure Transducer
PT Pressure Transmitter
PT Pressure Treated
PT Preteen
PT Previous Taxpayer
PT Primary Target
PT Primary Trainer
PT Principle Tandem
PT Priston Tale (gaming)
PT Private Type
PT Pro Tools (audio software)
PT Procedure Turn
PT Process Tool
PT Processing Technician
PT Procurement Team
PT Product Team
PT Product Tester
PT Production Test
PT Production Trial
PT Proficiency Test
PT Proficiency Training
PT Program Trading
PT Prohibited Transaction (qualified retirement plans)
PT Project Team
PT Project Technologist
PT Project Technology
PT Protection Technology of Los Alamos
PT Proton Therapy
PT Psychiatric Technician
PT Public Telephone
PT Public Transportation
PT Pulse Thermography
PT Pulse Time
PT Punctum
PT Push-to-Talk
PT Pythagorean Theorem
PT Test Plan (DoD-STD-7935)
PT Total Pressure
PT Transmitted Power
PT Pro Tempore (Latin: at the moment)
More drivel filled posts. Way to go guys and gals. Elf Winking Smilie

Oh and welcome back to all of us loyal PTers. Happy Elf Smilie
WARNING: For your convenience, Planet-Tolkien will be shut down for repairs tomorrow 02 April 2007 from 1:23 AM GMT to 11:37 PM GMT in order to repair our hypergolic multitasker by adding a new framis to the interchanger.

Please bear with us during this outage.

Thank you.

April Fool!
Tsk, tsk. I completely fell for that one...

Good one, Grondy!
Grrr, you got me for a sec then, played it nice a cool though, going all serious moderator on us :orcsimlie:

Enjoy April Fool's Day everyone!!!
I found a short blackout going on last night but I'm glad everything is back and ok this morning! I was worried!